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"The Zeppo"

Original Air Date: January 26, 1999
Review by: Amanda

Episode Review

This was one of the weirdest episodes of Buffy I have ever seen.

First, Xander's sudden love for football. If he wants to play a sport, he might want to be coordinated.

But it wasn't too surprising that Cordelia was her same old self again. I kind of think she still loves Xander, and also still wants to be friends with the "gang" again. When was the last time we saw her with Harmony and friends? Also, she is constantly wherever Xander is, it's like she follows him.

Xander's new car, and new buddy, Jack, didn't actually work out for him. Fender-benders, rising the dead, hardware store shoplifting, all leading him to save Faith from that evil blue thing.

I just wish he hadn't saved her. I can't believe he slept with her!! She just got her quick fix, and kicked Xander out so she could take a shower. That made me not like her even more.

I hate this!! Angel and Buffy still love each other so much, and in less than a year, Angel will be gone. I love the idea of his own show, but Angel and Buffy belong together. I have a feeling the season three finale, will be quite the crier. Also, if he is leaving so soon, shouldn't he get more onscreen time? He only got about five minutes in this episode.

Okay, now to cover the end of the world. Well, actually, there isn't much to cover. I thought it was predictable. Mouth of hell opens, big scuffle, Buffy and friends save the day.

I do have to say that I am very proud of Xander. He did great getting Jack to inactivate the bomb. I also loved the ending when he didn't let Cordelia get to him. She looked like she felt really stupid.

NEXT WEEK: Well, no previews, so I'm figuring repeat.

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