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"The Yoko Factor"

Original Air Date: May 9, 2000
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

Well, I survived Angel's visit to Sunnydale, barely anyway. I find myself in a quandry as I tried to decide which television character I would most like to see die a long suffering and painful death: Riley Finn, Buffy Summers or Dawson Leery (yep, I confess that I actually watch Dawson's Creek which should be renamed Pacey's Creek, in my opinion). Riley is simply a couple sandwichs short of a picnic so I am more inclined to tolerate him. After all, the look on his face will be priceless when he realizes that the only person that Buffy loves other than herself is who else, "Buffy." Also imagine how his deluded bubble will pop, when he finally figures out that Angel is the only person other than herself that she loves. This leaves Buffy and Dawson in a dead heat for the character that "I hate most" award. They believe that world revolves around them. I want to bitch slap both of them.

On to my review, I spent the first almost 30 minutes of Buffy impatiently waiting for Angel to show. It the first time that I ever saw Adam so it took me a while to figure out the point of the plot. Anyway, finally my, okay our guy shows up looking fine as usual and of course, he encounters Riley "I want to show Buffy I'm a hero" Finn. I loved how Angel said, "don't push me boy." Riley is truly an idiot trying to take Angel on. Angel seemed to enjoy beating the hell out of Riley tremendously and actually so did I. I lived vicariously through the fight and boy, was it fun. I hope he gets a chance to do it again. Did Riley forget that Angel is a vamp, what exactly did he think he could do with that gun? Didn't I mention that Riley needs some additional brain cells? I would let him borrow a few of mine, but what would be the point?

Every now and then a character on a show says something that you have yelled at the screen and have wanted to enter the scene to say and that moment happened for me when Angel asked in wonder, "Buffy, you actually sleep with this guy?" I mean, was not a moment of unadulterated truth. I was screaming with laughter and crying out, "yes, yes." It's about time that someone asked Buffy about her poor taste in post-Angel men.

I loved how Angel smirked at Riley when he followed Buffy out of her room. I also loved seeing Angel smile and laugh. We get to see it so rarely and he is soo beautiful when he does, my knees went weak. He is soo gorgeous. I hated that Angel apologized for telling Buffy the truth, but I guess it was inevitable. At least, Buffy "I'm the center of world" Summers acknowledged that she was wrong. I thought the whole love thing with Buffy and Riley was, well nauseating, what can I say, I really dislike her and her dumb new lover.

I'm stopping this review now because I really lost interest after Angel came and left. Just some quick notes:

I have really love Spike. I couldn't stop laughing at his lines this episode. His determination to continue of his evil ways even in his state of helpless is hysterical. I loved how he slyly manipulated all the characters turning them against each other. I hope he shows up in L.A. soon.

It was nice to see Xander again. I had forgotten how much fun his character was. I didn't know that Giles could sing so I guess you learn something new everytime you tune in, but what exact was the point of him singing? Willow and Tara as lovers was interesting.

The ratings for this episode of Buffy was 4.9/8 (4.9/8).

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