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"War Zone"

Episode # 20
Original Air Date: May 9, 2000
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

Though I was emotionally exhausted, I did enjoy this episode of Angel. First off, it was a relief to see Angel back in L.A. where he belongs; saving those in need of saving. He was much more light hearted in this episode as he commented on Cordelia's ability to smell money, then misunderstanding the dungeon and dragons game, and his frustration with using the cell phone. I also enjoyed Cordelia's determination to take advantage of the opportunity to mingle with the who's who of L.A. Her attempt to convince herself that she could prostitute herself to the billionaire was hysterical.

I'm glad that we finally see that there are some humans are not walking around in blindness and are fighting back against evil. Obviously there is a social commentary going on about the homeless kids living right next to the rich and famous. I totally understand them not trusting Angel, he is a vamp after all. I felt really sorry the leader as he confronted his vampire sister and chose to kill her, that took real courage. His choice to save his friends versus fighting the vampires was also courageous.

The demon brothel was too weird. I guess it's a fetish thing. I liked that the bad guy was not a push over, bringing his demons to fight Angel, sometimes Angel wins too easily. Angel and Wesley gawking over the pictures was too funny. Cordelia looked as if she was appreciating the view of Angel's chest and who can blame her. I loved her and Wesley sitting in convertible with Cordelia pretending to be on the beach, while Wesley dealt with reality.

Angel's heart to heart with the leader of the gang was a great ending. Not a lecture, just some truthtelling that might give comfort and lead to a possible friendship. I hope we see him again. They are both are loners and would probably benefit from each other's company.

The overnight ratings for this episode was 4.7/7 (5.3/8) at 9 p.m.

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