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Episode # 11
Original Air Date: January 18, 2000
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

This episode of Angel was welcomed after the weeks of repeats, but it fell short. I never bought into the plot. It was good to see Angel come to face to face with another one of his children, but his guy didn't have Spike's comedic timing or Druscilla's whimsical madness. Scenes of Angel walking through LA accompanied by Kate's description of the alleged serial killer was eerie even though we knew it wasn't him.

I also thought that it was too soon for Kate to find out about Angel. I would have like to her find out after they had become friends. At this point, I don't see a bond between them. Certainly not any thing close to what Cordelia said about Angel caring for Kate more that he knows. BTW, are the Watcher's Diaries floating around LA for all to read? How exactly did Kate get her hands on one?

It was nice to see the bond between Cordelia and Angel as she defended him to Wesley (if only momentarily) and her comforting him at the end. Since I didn't enjoy this episode very much, I have limited amounts to say on it. However, David did look hot as usual so that says it all:) The overnight ratings were 4.9/7 (3.7/6).

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