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"The Shroud of Rahmon"

Episode # 30
Original Air Date: November 21, 2000
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

This episode wasn't one of my favorites. There was definitely something missing from the plot and in a lot of ways it felt like a poor rip off of "Mission Impossible" or "The Sting" or "The Usual Suspects." I was surprised that Angel didn't really kill Kate, however not because of the reason that the writers intended. I'll get into to that later on in my review.

David was annoying as the colorful vamp. I've decided that I like Angel broody or with limited happiness so no more complaining from me about his perpetual brooding state. I wasn't really convinced by the heist itself or the characters involved. Why would the mastermind of the plot go through all the trouble to steal the shroud if he didn't know about its powers? Okay, so maybe I'm over thinking the plot, but still if these problems were distracting me, the episode was obviously failed to keep my attention.

I was glad that the crew had more to contribute to this episode. I admired Gunn's determination to participate in the heist. Wesley and Cordelia was fun as usual. I too loved Charisma's new hair do. I think that is very stylish. I liked how neither Wesley nor Angel noticed her hairstyle for several days. I felt the whole family aura there as they both play the role of her older brothers.

Now on to the reason that I was surprised that Angel hasn't killed Kate: I really think that the character of Kate has become superfluous to the show. She has not been had enough screen time to weave her into the fabric of the show. Her unreasonable antagonism towards Angel is completely irritating and serves no purpose in the show's overall theme. As a result, I thought the writers were solving the Kate problem that they had created by killing her off and adding to Angel's broody issues. I was obviously wrong. I wasn't thrilled with this episode. However, this week's episode promises to get this season back on track.

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