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Episode # 13
Original Air Date: February 8, 2000
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

I must say that "She" did not live up to its potential. First, the strong points:

I loved the scenes of Wesley inept dancing, followed by Angel's dream dancing sequence. I couldn't stop laughing at how dorky David looked. Reminded me of Elaine on Seinfeld. Angel has the same insecurities as we do about mundane things.

Cordelia confronting Angel about his poor social skills and requesting that he use his vampire strength to crush the beans were funny. I like seeing them get close. This should make things awkward when or if Angel's gang returns to Sunnydale and Buffy and her friends realize how both Cordelia and Angel have changed.

Wesley continues to be funny as the desperate demon hunter and the single male in search of a date. However, it was good to see both he and Cordelia take some initiative in the sleuting as well as protect themselves.

I liked the Princess. She could take care of herself and has a ruthless determination which made her flawed. Her single-minded attempts to save her people were admirable. I liked her interaction with Angel, but wondered if the chemistry was real or due to the thingy in her back. I do hope that we see her again. Somehow, Joss and David Greenwalt (the show's producers) have to make it possible for Angel to have sex. It just isn't fair that Buffy is boinking away on her show, while Angel is forced to remain celibate.

Problems with the episode are too numerous to mention, but mainly I thought that the plot was weak. It was all just too easy for the bad guys to find the Princess, for Angel to find the girls, and it goes on and on. The overnight ratings were 5.2/8 (3.7/5).

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