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"To Shanshu in L.A."

Episode # 22
Original Air Date: May 23, 2000
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

I don't know about you, but I thoroughly enjoyed Angel's season finale. Angel's need to have something to live for, Wesley's concern for Angel, and Cordelia's determination to find him purpose was endearing. The plot pleasantly surprised me. The attacks on Cordelia and Wesley, then the murder of the Oracles to weaken, Angel was good strategy. The bad guy was actually scary and menacing. Although Angel following the lawyers to the mausoleum was simply too easy. Also David's stunt double jumping through the window was soo obvious.

When Angel and Wesley were at Cordelia's bedside curing her madness, I actually had a couple tears in my eyes at the intense love and caring that emanated from that room. For the first time, I saw some romantic chemistry between Cordelia and Angel. Something about the way she smiled at him and looked at him with such love and joy as he stared at her and held her hand so tightly. Usually, I never think of them as a potential couple, but now that we know Angel has hope, maybe he and Cordelia are a possibility that could be subtly woven into the show's subtext.

The last scene in Cordelia's apartment was also moving. I'm with Angel, while I like the new Cordelia, I also like the old one. How about a combination of the two? I couldn't stop smiling when Wesley finally got the prophecy right. I feel relieved and really happy to know that one day Angel will be redeemed and be rewarded for all his sacrifices (including his chance at mortality) even if it after the season ends. Angel deserves the return of his humanity, to find peace, and die from old age. It was wonderful to see him smile in quiet joy (he seemed to holding back from laughing out loud) as he realized that he did indeed have something to live for even though he has to survive a few plagues, evil demons, etc. LOL! The happiness for his gift that radiated from Wesley and Cordelia was a nice touch to the scene. All three actors were outstanding in the nuances they added to their roles in this episode.

I hope we get to see both David and Gunn next season. They are both good additions to the cast. David is great as the lonely millionaire with no life. He might be of some help to Angel's crew. Gunn is also admirable as the champion of homeless. I continue to enjoy the machinations of Wolfram and Hart. Lindsey losing a hand is part of his choice of the evil part. On the other hand, Kate is getting on my last nerve with her irrational hatred of Angel. For those of you who don't know, Darla, the woman in the box at the end of episode, is Angel's progenitor, the vampire that made him. He killed in her, that is turned her into dust in the episode, "Angel" during the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She's a great character and the perfect nemesis for Angel, next season.

The overnight ratings were 4.7/7(5.0/8). Well, folks that's it for this season! No more new episodes until Fall 2000. I hope we all survive our Angel withdrawal.

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