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"Sense and Sensitivity"

Episode # 6
Original Air Date: November 9, 1999
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

I enjoyed this week's offering, "Sense and Sensitivity." The writers smartly tied in Angel's lack of social polish with the episode's plot, but even more, they delved into Kate's psyche and I admit it worked for me. I did think that her monologue was a bit long, but I was moved. I also liked that this subplot was not neatly tied up as her problems with her father remain unresolved.

In this episode, we also learned the depth of the law firm's machinations. They are not just passively protecting their evil clients. They are aiding them in targeting the "forces of good." Angel has a slick and subtle enemy. I can't wait to learn more about the firm's big bosses.

Cordelia and Doyle are truly the suffering sidekicks. I didn't envy them having to dismember and bury a green mucky creature. So I sympathized with Cordelia's demand that Angel at make an effort to be polite and show some appreciation. Yet, as she found out later on (and I knew along) a cheerful and sensitive Angel simply does not work. The trick is for Angel to find a balance to his brooding and bruskness.

The writers seem to back on track, rather the therapeutic Angel of last week's episode, "Room with a View," they have returned to focusing on Angel's quirkiness which has worked successfully so far. The overnight ratings were up from last week, 5.0/7 (5.2/8).

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