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Episode # 19
Original Air Date: May 2, 2000
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

First off, I had the unfortunate opportunity to watch Buffy last night and all I can say is, UGH! Buffy's taste in men has gone down the drain (and not just in looks which is absolutely shallow of me to say I admit), but jeez Riley's IQ needs electric shock to raise it a few points. I was glad that Faith spilled the beans on Buffy's new boyfriend.

Angel's need to rehabilitate and save Faith is understandable. Angel wants redemption for himself, how can he abandon Faith? I thought that it was appropriate that Angel's attempts to save Faith was referred to as an intervention for her addiction to evil. I was truly moved when Faith chose to confess to her crimes. There is hope for her and I'm glad. She deserves as many chances as necessary to help get her life together.

As for Buffy, I cheered when Angel hit her. Where is her compassion for Faith? Buffy gets no sympathy from me. I wish someone would push her off a building. What a BITCH! I can't believe what she said about having someone new in her life who is different from Angel because she can trust him. She's got nerve. I wanted to reach into television screen and slap the shit out of her. I was glad that Angel told her where to get off with her total self-absorption. Boinking Riley so frequently must have caused her to lose her freaking mind. I can't believe I used to love them together. Obviously, the writers are deliberately working to make us turn against Angel and Buffy as a couple. Boy, is it working with me!

I was surprised that Wesley was not on Angel's side about helping Faith. I would think that his need to redeem his failure as Faith's Watcher would involve saving her. I did enjoy Wesley being torn between his loyalty to Angel and his desire to regain his status as Watcher as well as stop Faith's evil deeds. I was happy that Wesley remained loyal to Angel even as he pretended to betray him.

Cordelia taking a paid vacation was hysterical and totally relatable. I can't say, that I blame her, though I missed her presence in this episode.

It was nice to see Kate again. I had almost forgotten all about her. I like Kate, but I think that the female lawyer has more chemistry with Angel. She is tough and I like that. I would love for her to be redeemed and hook up with Angel. Again, I enjoyed the firm's presence in the episode. They are such typical lawyers in their strategies.

I usually don't mention the fight scenes, but I thought that they were outstanding in this episode. I loved the scene where Angel jumped through the sunlight and on to the helicopter. Unrealistic, but totally cool! I didn't like his hair by the end of the episode though. They could have worked on it a bit.

Okay, back to my rant about Buffy. The previews for next week show Angel visiting Sunnydale. I hope he does kick Riley's butt, but since Joss is trying to make the idiot Riley look good, they will probably make it a draw. Although Angel being a vampire would naturally beat the crap out of Riley. Of course, Ms. "I-forget-my hottie vampire boyfriend-in a hot minute-to boink the first male in pants-that comes along" will diss my Angel big time for her stupid new love, UGH! I'm ill already. I'm stopping now. On a good note, we have a new episode of Angel next week.

Great news! Angel's ratings last night, 5.3/8 (4.9/8) were higher than Buffy's 4.6/7 (4.9/8). Finally, Angel is getting the attention it deserves.

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