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"Rm w/a Vu"

Episode # 5
Original Air Date: November 2, 1999
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

I have conflicting feelings about "Room w/a View." I thought the episode started off really well. The whole "I'm no longer rich girl" thing with Cordelia was cool and so was the monster going after Doyle. However, Cordelia's behavior while staying at Angel's place was just too contrived. In addition, Angel's moral judgement of Doyle to be a bit much. I like the character development of Angel, but if he's turning into the "psychologist of demons, warlocks, etc." I don't approve. Doyle is allowed to keep his secrets, the same way Angel can keep his secrets.

I did love Cordelia's determination to stay in the apartment. I had to laugh as she tried to cover the ghost's actions when Angel and Doyle stopped by to visit. This is the Cordelia, I like. I didn't like her cowering in the apartment and again, not trying to help out during the fight. I also thought her recovery when the ghost called her a bitch was overcompensating. I will admit that the end with the resilient Cordelia living with her ghost and chatting with her Sunnydale cohort was a nice touch.

Overall, I was not happy with the episode, but it's unfair to expect the writers to have a winner every week. The overnight ratings were 5.2/8(4.9/7).

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