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Original Air Date: November 18, 1998
Review by: Blu

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Ok, wow! This is getting much better as the season progresses! First off, we saw more of Angel! I am so happy! He is good, and back, and maybe now that he's not a big huge secret, we'll get to see even more of him! I liked the "training" part at first, and of course the kiss, but I didn't like Buffy pulling away. I am, of course, prepared for the worst, that being that they'll separate and he'll move on to bigger and better (say oh, "Angel" for example) things. But I'd like to have a few episodes of good memories to hold me over. Sigh. Ok, moving on. I somehow had this feeling that he'd have to save a member of "the group", and Willow being the chosen was very cool. Willow was a little more likable to me this time around. Except for that library scene. I realize that some of you differ with me on this so I'll say no more. Xander was slightly annoying to me, what with all that jealousy running rampant. I think Buffy hit the nail right on the head. Cordelia and Oz are completely clueless, and this saddens me. We also didn't see very much of them, but that's understandable. I haven't been up on my scoops lately (bad me, I know), but I'm assuming that the big secret of Xander and Willow's little smoochies will be coming out of the bag pretty soon. Sigh. I *so* don't want that to happen, but its sort of inevitable now that the ball has started rolling. I'm getting the feeling that it's going to be a big choice from Willow's part (but maybe I'm wrong). Let's see...Watcher-faker-lady was more scary than the big bad demon, to me. Eek! Faith is growing on me, definitely. I feel for her, not knowing who to trust. I can't wait to see what develops there. Giles was a bit hard on Buffy, IMO. I mean, he did keep secrets last year. But she can't keep ones that she knows will really split the "group". Hmm. Seems kinda hypocritical to me. Ok, new subject: THE PREVIEWS!!!!! I am so psyched! Spike is back, and it looks like he's bad! "A vampire scorned"...now that's interesting! He was really cute on the previews, and looks like that scene between him and Will is going to be a blast...did you see the look on her face? Priceless! Can't wait for next week!

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