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Episode # 32
Original Air Date: December 19, 2000
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

Wow, what a great episode. It totally makes up for the crappy one a couple weeks ago. Once again, I never saw the end coming. David looked particularly hot in broody mode. I must say that the fight between Darla, Dru, and Angel was deliciously violent. It was great to see them both kick his ass. I also loved the whole "she should have done this before we left the office," "maybe it's a false alarm," and Cordelia threatening to stake Angel.

I do wonder why Darla beat up on Dru before she took her drew her first blood. Was she remembering her humanity? I'm not clear on that one. Darla and Dru are hysterical together. Their antics in the boutique were quirky and perversely funny. Kate seems to be coming to her senses. Hopefully, she will continue this trend.

Although I show it coming, I had to laugh when Dru and Darla showed up at Holland's home. The look of Holland and Lila's faces was priceless. I smiled at Lindsay's smugness and his lack of started reaction. It was almost as he knew they would show, maybe he did. Lindsay is the only one of the firm who seems aware of the complexity of good and evil. He struggles with his conscious, his loneliness, and self-doubt. His hatred for Angel is rooted in his jealous over Darla rather than some pro-evil rah rah.

It was amazing that the firm thought that they could pair up Dru and Darla and not feel the consequences. The idea of controlling Dru and Darla as a team was ridiculous. I'm betting that Lindsay survives the massacre. I think vamped Darla will be too intrigued by Lindsay to vamp or kill him. With Holland gone, we should be seeing someone new from the partnership.

I was stunned that Angel didn't even attempt save the attorneys. I couldn't believe it when he just walked away. Hell, I was blown away when he fired Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn. While I was concerned with Angel dismissed the young guy trying to kill himself, I didn't realize how close to edge he had reached. I wonder if this was Wolfram and Hart's plan all along. To turn Angel to the dark side by tormenting him through their various plots. Angel saves people from darkness, now who will save him now? Unfortunately, we have two weeks of repeats so we'll have to wait for the answer to this one.

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