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Episode # 80
Original Air Date: March 12, 2003
Review by: Anne

Episode Summary

Angelus is contacted by The Beast's master; Cordy uses a disguised voice that only he can hear. Before she can say much, Connor interrupts and she switches back to her Cordy act. After Connor vows to protect her and the baby, Cordy insists that they not tell the others, claiming that they'll be afraid of how fast the baby is growing and they'll want to kill it. Angelus sneaks into the hotel to talk to Fred; he claims to have a charm that counteracts the sanctuary spell. He asks what she knows about TB's boss, but she'll only tell him that he's out of his league. She realizes that his charm is a fake, but he dodges her attempts to shoot a tranquilizer dart. When Connor appears and tries to attack Angelus, he's thrown back by the sanctuary spell, and Angelus leaves with the team's files. When Cordy hears that Angelus stole their research, she isn't pleased. She contacts Angelus again in the disguised tone, threatening to return his soul if he doesn't comply; at that, he asks what the master wants him to do. Meanwhile, Faith and Wesley try to track Angelus. Wesley insists that to beat Angelus, she'll have to be as vicious as he is, but she says no. She won't risk killing Angel, so there has to be another way. They find Angelus as they're following a lead; he knocks Wesley out and fights with Faith, observing that she's off her game. He seems to be winning the battle until he taunts her that she's just like him and she loves it. That gives her a second wind and she beats him down, informing him that she's different now and not like him. He suddenly kicks her legs out from under her and grabs her, saying that she will be as he vamps out and bites her.

Episode Review

You may not believe this - I certainly never thought I'd write it - but I'm starting to like Connor. At least, I liked him in this episode. I didn't get why Angelus thought Connor's being knocked off the balcony was "interesting" until Cordy-master asked about him about demon violence. Oh, yeah . . . so whatever Connor is falls somewhere near the category of demon. Well, that *is* interesting. I thought his reaction was quite human and believable since he's already had doubts about what he is. If I remember correctly, he also didn't have a single snit, and it was sweet that he was so concerned about Cordy - or whoever that is.

On the other hand, Cordy - or whoever that is - I like less and less. If she's so powerful, why does she need Connor and Angelus? She has to know that Angelus will turn on her the first chance he gets, even though he seems to be reduced to calling her "master." (Did anyone else want to smack that smug look off of her face when he said that?) I suppose she doesn't want him to know that she's in Cordy-form at this point because knowledge is power and he could surely use that against her somehow.

Faith is facing the same problem that Angel faced as he searches for redemption: people can't seem to forget who you were. Prison was probably easier for Faith in that respect, since people there didn't know her before and witness her mistakes.

The ending of this ep could have been a good cliffhanger if the TV Guide description for the next one didn't reveal that Faith's blood was spiked. Usually though, if the TV Guide blurb gives that much of the story away, there's another big surprise still waiting to be revealed.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

* I liked that the phony charm turned out to be what leads them to Angelus.

* Mmmmm ... bad Wesley.

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