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Episode # 33
Original Air Date: January 16, 2001
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

My first thought about Angel this episode was "intense much." Jeez, I'm ready to embrace Mr. Broody. At least, he would smile occasionally. Obviously, Angel is lost somewhere inside of himself. While I'm not certain about amoral Angel, I do like that the show is taking chances and breaking the simple good vs. evil mold.

I'm at a lost how long since the massacre. I mean Angel acts like he's been training for a while to get ready. While based on Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn's comments as well as Lindsay and Lila's rescue, it seemed like the massacre was the night before.

I was glad Lindsay survived, hoping like he was, it was because Darla had feelings for him. I was less thrilled with Lila's survival initially, but I was pleased with the rivalry that the firm set up between them by the end of the episode. It will be fun watching them try to stab each other in the back and front.

I appreciate Darla and Dru's strategy to gaining power. I like their independent woman style. Darla's impatience with Dru's flakiness make their relationship seem less than partnership. She doesn't seem to appreciate Dru's vision like Spike did. However, Darla's irritation with Dru was also shown in the flashback scenes so it is consistent. I was glad that Darla, like Angel had to deal with residual feelings for one another. The torched Darla's bewilderment with this other Angel reflected the pain that the crew and us the viewers feel.

I like the crew's hurt and anger about being fired. While I thought that the drunk scenes in the club was a bit overplayed, I loved the singing of "We are the Champions." It was so appropriate for their situation. I thought that Cordelia looked great. Good to see Tall Guy Monster (TGM) as usual. His Patti La Belle was not all bad.

I'm interested in finding out how far Angel will go into the darkness and how he finds his way out. Also, what price he will pay for abandoning the innocents that he is supposed to be protecting. I can't wait for next week's episode when Lila and Lindsay find out that this is a different Angel.

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