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"The Prom"

Original Air Date: May 11, 1999
Review by: Amanda

Episode Review

-Isn't that cute! Even though Anya(am I spelling that right?) is some kind of devil woman, she is better for Xander then Cordy is. I think Xnader and Anya would be cute together at the prom.

- Even though Joyce's intentions were good, and I kind of agreed with her, I still don't think she should have gone to talk to Angel. I don't think it was much of her business to do.

- Gag me!! Cordelia is disgusting! Wesley? How could she like him?? Eeeewww! He is so stuck up... actually, now that I think about it... they are a perfect match!!!

- Wedding Scene: Buffy looked lovely, and Angel looked megaly hot. I only wish that this wedding wasn't a dream, and that he wasn't moving away. They are so meant for each other!

- Giles is so sweet! He is like Buffy's father, always there to make her smile (and he looks pretty good in a tux!)

- Xander should have gotten the class clown award, and Buffy's award was so incredibly awesome. She finally got the recognition she deserves. That speech was really touching too.

- Angel showed up at the prom!! Them dancing in this scene is probaly the last time we will see them in each others arms, it is so sad. :(

Okay, I got to go get a tissue! I am crying my eyes out. See ya next week!

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