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"The Prodigal"

Episode # 15
Original Air Date: February 22, 2000
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

I have to admit that I was disappointed in "The Prodigal." Perhaps the story-line of Kate and her problems with her father should have shown first, then Angel's own conflicts his father injected into the show. I also thought that there lacked emotion been Angel and his father. I didn't feel anything during their arguments. By the time Angel killed him, I was pretty relieved that the whole thing was over.

I did like Kate's reluctant to accept the "evil evil" thing and her rejection of Angel's attempt to re-establishing their friendship. That was a nice realistic touch. I'm warming up to Kate, but if her inclusion into Angel's crew means that Cordelia is only on the periphery of the episode with a few lines, I'm not going to be happy. Cordelia is an integral part of the show and should remain as such. I did like Wesley's contribution to this episode as he tried to reason unsuccessfully with Angel.

About the plot, I wish that the law firm had been behind the drug operation. This would have given this episode some tie in to the malevolent law firm and it's actions. I remain curious about who runs the firm and it's role in the war that the Oracle mentioned. Also we never really got an explanation or insight into why Kate's father was involved in the drug operation. Sure, he didn't know about it, but why would a straitlaced cop be on the take? Just for the money, for Kate, why?

On the good news front, the episode had higher overnight ratings 5.2/8 (4.7/7) than Party of Five.

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