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"Parting Gifts"

Episode # 10
Original Air Date: December 14, 1999
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

I thought that "Parting Gifts" was bittersweet and moving. The initial Angel/Cordelia scenes were touching as they both reach out to each other. I had expected more brooding all the way around so it was a nice to see them try to comfort each other.

I admire Angel for at least trying to save Doyle by consulting the Oracles. This was the one thing that made me furious at Buffy. After Angel was trapped in hell, she never even tried to save him. I continue to like the role of the Oracles. They reveal and cloud everything, yet as they said the war rages on. When Angel said that Doyle was his friend, the female Oracle moved me when she pointed out to Angel that Doyle would always be his friend. Friendship is eternal and that I truly believe.

Quick note on the plot, the double crossing empath demon, his partner and auction worked for me. Cordelia's commercial scenes were also funny, but twinged with sadness.

Now for Wesley, while I thought he was quirky, but sweet as the "rogue demon hunter," I was a bit resentful of him replacing Doyle as part of Angel's crew. However, since I think that Wesley needs them more than they need him and Doyle did say that Angel was to help those in need so I think Doyle would be pleased. The empath demon was right, the seeing powers were Doyle's gift to Cordelia and should be treasured even with the pain. The final scene of the after work meal was a nice bonding scene for this slightly altered group, ending the episode on a hopefully note.

Again no overnight ratings as yet, I will post then on the Angel Notes page when I do get them.

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