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Episode # 23
Original Air Date: September 26, 2000
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

"Oh Mandy, oh Mandy, you . . ." I couldn't resist. I'm still laughing hysterically. Angel picked it because he knew the words and thought it is pretty. I hate to admit this, but I really like "Mandy" also. I secretly like Barry Manilow. I can only 'fess up to this on the internet though. Angel looked petrified and so stiff and sounded sooo bad. I felt for the guy. David played the scene perfectly.

I really liked this episode. I loved the 911 beepers going off scenes, it's an obvious take off from the West Wing premiere episode. I liked seeing Cordelia putting the job of saving lives over her acting career. I understand them getting carried away, but I agree that focusing on one case at a time will reduce mistakes and remind them to care about the people they help.

The plot was also nice and solid without major holes. Angel accidentally killing a soldier like himself was a nice plot twist. Poor guy, "I'm full of guilt and need redemption" should be his middle name. I really empathized with the young pregnant woman who didn't know what the heck was going on. She was just caught up with a situation that Angel just seemed to make worse by the second. I couldn't blame her for doubting him as her champion. His comment to the horse about not making him look stupid was too funny.

It was great to see Faith again. I was surprised. I hope that she's out of jail soon. I'm rethinking my Cordelia/Angel thing. How about Faith and Angel instead? I like the fact that he visits her regular and still believes in her.

I love Gunn. He's so cool. Like Angel, he is intense with few wasted words. He's a great addition to the show. Finally, a Joss Whedon created show has an African American as a regular cast member.

I loved the demon club. It is great to know that the demons actually have a place to relax and have some fun when they are not busy killing and maiming mortals. Angel's comment about things he didn't do, "tan, date and sing" was obvious for the easy laugh, but what the heck it made me laugh. I hope the psychic demon pops up again. He's a fun character who could give the show an additional quirky edge.

Random thoughts: Angel drawing was nice. I thought that masks looked particularly fake this episode. It was great to see Lila and Lindsay again. They are still as unscrupulous as ever. Guess they are saving Darla for a future episode. Cordelia continues to have the best comedic lines.

Last comment, the show's producers have to be more consistent with the episodes this season as James Cameron's "Dark Angel" will premiere opposite it starting next week. Hopefully, it will not affect Angel's ratings. I'll post the ratings for this episode on the Angel Notes page once I get them.

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