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"I Will Remember You"

Episode # 8 (plus the BtVS episode "Pangs")
Original Air Date: November 23, 1999
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

I want to preface my reviews by stating that I am totally cynical about the whole Angel/Buffy romance. My cynicism started with the Buffy episode, "Surprise" when I realized that the show's creator was basically playing the viewers. I got all caught up in this romance, only to have it destroyed in a heartbeat. I didn't even see it coming. Now on to my review:

First, BTVS, "Pangs," The premise of the whole crossover made no sense to me. Angel didn't do anything on Buffy that required his special talents. He merely helped with the usual fight. I did like his conversations with Giles and Willow though. I was reminder of horrible it use to be when Angel only appeared in 1/8 of the show. Boy, am I glad David got his own show. I hadn't watch Buffy since she bopped that guy so this was the first time that I encountered Riley. Urrrr, he's supposed to be Angel's replace as her romantic interest? Where is the chemistry? I mean, she hadn't even see Angel, but could sense him. Riley is like dead on her radar.

Now on to Angel's "I will Remember You," I thought that the plot unfolded nicely. The Angel/Buffy conflict ran true. The bickering and arguing was so reminisce of the episodes when they falling in love, I had to smile. Angel regaining and struggling with the meaning of his mortality was poignant. I was moved when he went to Buffy and kissed her in the daylight. I always remembered his words to her when he was jealous of Xander, "... he can see you in the daylight." I loved his food cravings. David, shirtless! Deep breaths, girls! I didn't notice if his tattoo was there.

I felt his pain when he asked the Oracles to change him back. He sacrificed himself for Buffy and the world. For a brooding guy, he has such depths of love. I was moved. I agreed with the female Oracle, is he not a lower being. I knew the whole morality thing couldn't last so I was wondering how they would wrap it up, and was pleasantly surprised by the Star Trekky solution. Trick time, it works for me. The burden that Angel will bear remembering, but never speaking of that day will be terrible for him and will add to his suffering, but he has the strength to do it.

I enjoyed the Oracles. It really put Angel's fight against evil in an interesting new context. He isn't just a lone avenger, he is a warrior in an army with superiors who guide him. They are probably the ones who released him from hell. Interesting questions still remain: who hired the demon to kill Angel? The law firm? Who are "the powers that be?" What others are coming?

Cordelia and Doyle didn't have much to do this episode, but as usual they were cool as supporting characters. I did like when Cordelia pointed out to Buffy that she can't have Angel and save the world.

My problem with episode is basically, Buffy. I just don't believe that she loves Angel as much as he loves her. I make sarcastic noises during her lines. Part of me was saying to Angel, "don't suffer over this girl, she just isn't worth it." I wasn't able to get the overnight ratings for this episode, but will post them on the Angel Notes page as soon as I do.

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