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Season 1

City Of ~ The vampire Angel moves to Los Angeles, where he meets a half-demon and a powerful corporate vampire who has staked a claim on Cordelia, Angel's old friend from Sunnydale.

Lonely Hearts ~ Angel must stop a parasitic demon that preys on the lonely.

In the Dark ~ Angel reunites with an old friend and faces an old foe over a mystical gem that renders its wearer invincible.

I Fall to Pieces ~ Angel helps a woman being stalked by a crazed doctor who has learned to mentally manipulate every part of his body.

Rm w/a Vu ~ Cordelia finds that her great new apartment already has a tenant: a powerful ghost who is none too pleased to have a roommate.

Sense and Sensitivity ~ During required sensitivity training, Kate and the rest of the precinct are rendered helpless as their emotions strangely gush out of control.

Bachelor Party ~ A secret from Doyle's past surfaces when his former wife shows up with her new fiancé seeking Doyle's blessing.

I Will Remember You ~ While battling a demon with the visiting Buffy, Angel is imbued with its regenerative powers and his humanity is restored. The couple is free to renew their relationship, but Angel is stripped of his strength and unable to fight the forces of darkness.

Hero ~ Stopping a militaristic group of demons on a mission to slaughter all half-breeds may require the ultimate sacrifice.

Parting Gifts ~ As Angel attempts to help an empath, Cordelia discovers that Doyle left something behind for her.

Somnambulist ~ Angel's murderous dreams are coming true.

Expecting ~ After spending one night with an attractive wealthy man, Cordelia wakes up very pregnant.

She ~ Angel meets a woman who has fled to Earth, pursued by soldiers from her world. Meanwhile, Wesley becomes an official employee of Angel Investigations.

I've Got You Under My Skin ~ Angel and Wesley act as exorcists for a little boy possessed by a powerful demon.

The Prodigal ~ Kate clashes with Angel over a demonic criminal plot that involves her ex-cop father.

The Ring ~ A client tricks Angel into competing in gladiatorial games staged for wealthy wagerers.

Eternity ~ A television star hires Angel for protection, but her motives may not be as simple as they appear.

Five by Five ~ The virtuous vampire undergoes a crisis of Faith when a certain rogue Slayer blows into town, and Wesley tries to come to grips with his own failure as Faith's Watcher.

Sanctuary ~ Three's a crowd when Angel believes it's his mission to save Faith from the darkness, but Buffy arrives to hold Faith accountable for her crimes.

War Zone ~ Angel encounters a group of street kids, led by a man named Gunn, who are waging a war against vampires.

Blind Date ~ Angel must stop a new adversary, a blind woman who can anticipate attacks and move with incredible speed.

To Shanshu in LA ~ While Angel and friends work to decipher the scroll taken from Wolfram & Hart, the crooked law firm begins a ritual to purportedly bring forth a great evil.

Season 2

Judgment ~ After a case of mistaken identity leads Angel to slay a demon protecting a pregnant woman, a guilt-ridden Angel defends her from demonic bounty hunters.

Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been ~ The vampire P.I. revisits the hotel he called home in 1952 -- a place possessing a dubious past, mysterious tenants and a demonic presence feeding on their fears.

First Impressions ~ A violent vision moves Cordelia to rush to Gunn's rescue, while Angel does his own subconscious "bonding" with Darla, who appears in his dreams.

Untouched ~ Unaware of Lilah's plans to cultivate her as an assassin, Angel offers to help a runaway with uncontrollable telekinetic powers.

Dear Boy ~ After Angel finally meets Darla outside of his dreams, she kicks her mind games into high gear, causing Wesley and Cordelia to fear for Angel's sanity.

Guise Will Be Guise ~ As Angel gets in touch with his inner selves during a visit to a swami, Wesley poses as the benevolent vamp when a powerful businessman demands Angel's services to protect his daughter.

Darla ~ As Darla struggles to sort out her identity, Angel seeks to find where she's hidden, and flashbacks provide a glimpse of the pair's history.

The Shroud of Rahmon ~ Angel and Gunn go undercover to foil the theft of a demonic burial shroud, unaware that the evil garment makes people near it psychotic.

The Trial ~ After Darla discovers she is terminally ill, Angel enters into a series of trials in an attempt to save her life.

Reunion ~ As if L.A. didn't have enough problems, Drusilla's in town and Darla's about to cut a new set of teeth.

Redefinition ~ As Wes, Cordy and Gunn reel from the shock of being fired, a deadly serious Angel reinvents himself as a coldhearted, one-man weapon of mass destruction. Lindsey and Lilah ponder their Wolfram & Hart futures -- or possible lack thereof.

Blood Money ~ As Angel digs up dirt on Wolfram & Hart's connection to a shelter for runaways, an old enemy returns, and Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn resolve to continue fighting evil.

Happy Anniversary ~ Angel and the Host search for a physicist they fear will cause the end of the world.

Thin Dead Line ~ Unbeknownst to Gunn, Cordy and Wesley, Angel is also investigating the trio's new case: a squad of zombie police officers who assault everyone in their path.

Reprise ~ Angel's investigation of the city's latest rash of dark rituals garners him a unique opportunity to take Wolfram & Hart out at its source.

Epiphany ~ After spending a night with Darla, Angel realizes that being evil is not all it's cracked up to be. Now he needs to regain the trust of Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn.

Disharmony ~ With Angel Investigations together again (under new management), Cordelia gets a surprise visit from her old high-school buddy, Harmony.

Dead End ~ The search for a man in Cordelia's latest vision leads the group to cross paths with Lindsey, whose new right hand seems to have a life of its own.

Belonging ~ While trying to find and stop a dangerous monster, the gang winds up at a library with a missing librarian.

Over the Rainbow ~ After being sucked into a dimensional portal, Cordelia finds herself stuck in the Host's home world, Pylea, where human beings aren't exactly welcomed. Angel, Wesley, the Host and Gunn work on a plan to go to Pylea themselves and get her back.

Through the Looking Glass ~ Angel and friends work overtime to survive in a foreign dimension.

There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb ~ Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, Gunn and the Host face numerous challenges in their attempt to escape from Pylea.

Season 3

Heartthrob ~ After a turbulent summer spent coping with the news of Buffy's death, Angel returns to L.A. only to run into a couple of nasty blasts from his tarnished past.

That Vision Thing ~ Cordelia's already painful visions start to have more serious physical side effects.

That Old Gang of Mine ~ Gunn is torn between old and new allegiances when he learns that his former gang is behind a string of brutal and indiscriminate demon murders.

Carpe Noctem ~ Angel's body is taken over by a man who avoids aging by possessing younger guys -- and ends up killing them in the process.

Fredless ~ While a strange, insectile demon stalks the crew, Fred inexplicably flees after learning that her parents are coming for a visit.

Billy ~ A wave of violence against women is traced back to the man Angel freed as part of a desperate deal to save Cordelia.

Offspring ~ As the crew researches a prophetic arrival, Darla appears at the hotel -- pregnant.

Quickening ~ Trying to figure out what exactly is inside Darla becomes a race against time when she begins having contractions.

Lullaby ~ Resurrected vampire hunter Holtz's rekindled crusade to wreak fiery vengeance upon Angel and Darla complicates the impending birth of the expecting couple's baby.

Dad ~ Angel and the others are trapped by multiple groups of enemies bent on kidnapping his son.

Birthday ~ A powerful vision knocks Cordy out of her body, leaving her physical self in a vegetative state, but a guide on the astral plane offers her a new lease on life.

Provider ~ Unprepared for the flood of business brought in by advertising, the Angel Investigations crew splits up to cover more ground --and ends up being spread too thin for its own good.

Waiting in the Wings ~ As the gang looks into a bizarre ballet company, Angel and Cordelia are possessed by the spirits of tormented lovers, and would-be suitors Gunn and Wesley put their respective moves on Fred.

Couplet ~ Exacerbating the tension caused by the office's latest couplings, Cordy asks Angel to help her achieve the next level of intimacy with Groo.

Loyalty ~ Wesley preoccupies himself with protecting Connor and foiling the prophecy about Angel and his son.

Sleep Tight ~ Utterly consumed by the prophecy that predicts Connor's death at Angel's hands, Wesley resorts to extreme measures to protect the vampire's son.

Forgiving ~ After watching helplessly as Connor fell victim to an interdimensional kidnapping, Angel becomes determined to retrieve his son. Gunn and Fred concentrate on finding Wesley, hoping he can explain why he facilitated the abduction.

Double or Nothing ~ A Faustian deal Gunn made several years before comes back to haunt him when a demonic repo man arrives to collect his soul.

The Price ~ The hotel is overrun with parasitic creatures that are the by-product of dark forces Angel conjured trying to rescue his son.

A New World ~ Mere months after Angel's infant son was carried off to an unreachable Hell dimension, Connor suddenly returns -- as a teenager, who attacks Angel at first sight, fully intending to kill him.

Benediction ~ Angel and Connor successfully engage in some father-son bonding whiles fighting side-by-side. Meanwhile, Lilah continues to work on recruiting Wesley for the bad guys.

Tomorrow ~ Misled by Justine, Connor plots to exact (undeserved) revenge against his trusting father. In developments less grim, Lorne moves out of the hotel and makes for greener pastures, and an increasingly powerful Cordelia comes to terms with the fact that she is in love with someone other than Groo.

Season 4

Deep Down ~ As Angel lies entombed in the murky depths of the Pacific, Gunn and Fred struggle to simultaneously keep Angel Investigations afloat, find their MIA boss and care for his stubborn offspring. But it's the ostracized and hardened Wesley who holds the key to Angel's recovery.

Ground State ~ The team infiltrates a black-market auction house to steal a relic that may help them locate Cordelia, but their plans are complicated by competition from a cat burglar who's after the same item.

The House Always Wins ~ Angel, Fred and Gunn take a road trip to Las Vegas to enlist Lorne's help in finding Cordelia, but get caught up in a supernatural -- and literal -- futures trading scheme.

Slouching Toward Bethlehem ~ After months of existing on a higher plane, Cordelia inexplicably appears back at the hotel --with no idea of who or where she has been. Believing the truth may scare her off, the gang attempts to hide the freaky facts about their lives.

Supersymmetry ~ While delivering a speech to an audience of academics (plus Angel, Gunn, Wesley and Lilah), Fred is attacked by a set of tentacles extending from a mysterious portal. Elsewhere, Connor and Cordelia's friendship grows.

Spin The Bottle ~ A spell to reverse Cordelia's amnesia backfires when the gang reverts to their teenage personas.

Rain of Fire ~ Angel and company brace for the imminent arrival of a hellish beast and toil to stave off Judgment Day (yet again). Cordy and Connor, on the other hand, pair up to hunt down the menace themselves.

Habeas Corpses ~ Having cut a murderous swath through the city, the Beast targets Wolfram & Hart.

Long Day's Journey ~ Gwen Raiden resurfaces as the gang investigates the systematic killing of members of a mystical order of powerful beings.

Awakening ~ In an attempt to locate the Beast and restore the sun, Wesley brings in a dark mystic to extract Angel's soul and release Angelus.

Soulless ~ Angelus aims to turn Angel's friends against each other by spilling their secrets.

Calvary ~ As the gang scrambles to locate Angel's stolen soul, Lilah emerges from the sewers and tries her hand at persuading Angelus to stop the Beast.

Salvage ~ Wesley pays a visit to the incarcerated Faith to try to persuade her to join the team in the race to prevent Armageddon.

Release ~ As Faith recovers from her showdown with the Beast, Angelus surprises Fred at the hotel. He hopes her research will reveal who (or what) motivated the demon's lust for destruction.

Orpheus ~ After drinking Faith's spiked blood, Angelus lies unconscious, recalling disturbing memories -- of Angel's good deeds. Along for his strange trip is Faith, who's clinging to life after their violent showdown. Meanwhile, the gang confers with witch Willow, who may be their only hope to re-ensoul Angel.

Players ~ Gwen Raiden requests Gunn's assistance in rescuing a kidnapped girl. Cordy and Connor reveal their secret to the others.

Inside Out ~ Connor and Cordelia go into hiding to keep their evil offspring safe. To expedite the birth process, Cordy makes a murderous request that leads Connor to a moral crossroads and elicits a ghostly visit from Darla.

Shiny Happy People ~ As Cordelia lies in a coma following her demonic delivery, the rest of the gang becomes enchanted by her offspring. But after seeing Jasmine's true colors, Fred finds herself alone and on the run.

The Magic Bullet ~ Jasmine's enraptured disciples flock to the hotel in hopes of gaining a private audience with her, and the search for Fred intensifies.

Sacrifice ~ To escape Jasmine's fanatical followers, Angel and his crew hide out in the sewers, where they encounter a band of warrior teens and a monster that could prove helpful.

Peace Out ~ With Lorne, Wesley, Fred and Gunn held captive, Angel seeks information needed to vanquish Jasmine -- before she takes to the airwaves to control minds worldwide.

Home ~ A familiar face brings the team an unusual offer: control of Wolfram & Hart. Everyone cautiously considers the consequences of joining forces with the evil outfit, especially Angel, who sees an opportunity to finally set things right with the troubled Connor.

Season 5

Conviction ~ Taking over the LA offices of Wolfram & Hart proves more challenging than expected, especially when Spike returns from the dead, out from the amulet that is supposed to be buried deep within the Hellmouth.

Just Rewards ~ Spike tries to adjust to life as a ghost while the gang deals with a disgruntled client who has power over the dead.

Unleashed ~ Angel tries to protect a woman who has been bitten by a werewolf.

Hellbound ~ Spike struggles to maintain his grip on reality as spectral forces threaten to send him to Hell, and Fred races to find a way to give him his body back.

Life of the Party ~ Consequences arise when Lorne works around the clock to throw the ultimate Halloween party.

The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco ~ Questioning his own role as a champion, Angel tracks down a retired hero to help defeat an Aztec demon.

Lineage ~ Wolfram & Hart is attacked by cyborgs, and Wesley is surprised by the unannounced arrival of his estranged father.

Destiny ~ Spike is mysteriously recorporealized, and he and Angel battle it out to settle the renewed conflict of the Shanshu prophecy.

Harm's Way ~ Already feeling unappreciated at work, Harmony's life in the office gets worse when it appears she has murdered a key player in demonic peace talks.

Soul Purpose ~ Someone approaches Spike and claims responsibility for recorporealizing him, and Angel suffers from nightmares in which Spike is the champion and he is ignored.

Damage ~ Angel and Spike track a psychotic Slayer who has escaped from an institution.

You're Welcome ~ Cordelia awakens from her coma with visions of Angel in trouble, pitting Angel against Lindsey in a final battle.

Why We Fight ~ A mysterious man takes the gang hostage and confronts Angel about certain events in his past -- specifically, his "service" in the Second World War.

Smile Time ~ Demon puppets from a popular children's show steal the life forces of their young viewers, and Angel is transformed into a puppet when he tries to investigate.

A Hole in the World ~ The team desperately seeks a cure after Fred is infected by demon from an ancient sarcophagus.

Shells ~ Angel and Spike work to restore Fred as Illyria tries to locate her ancient temple and summon her armies.

Underneath ~ Hoping that Lindsey has information on the Senior Partners' ultimate plans, Angel, Spike and Gunn track him down to the hell dimension where he was banished.

Origin ~ Connor's new parents seek help from Wolfram & Hart about their son's supernatural abilities, and the past comes back to haunt Wesley when he learns about the deal Angel made to save his son.

Time Bomb ~ Illyria's powers become unstable, causing her to jump through time, and the gang's attempts to stop her result just may kill them all.

The Girl in Question ~ Angel and Spike travel to Rome with plans to rescue Buffy from their old nemesis, while simultaneously trying to preventing a demon war; back in Los Angeles, Fred's parents come looking for their daughter.

Power Play ~ The others start to doubt Angel's loyalties after witnessing his disturbing behavior.

Not Fade Away ~ Angel and the rest of the group spend the day as if it were their last before moving to take out the Circle of the Black Thorn in a potentially suicidal confrontation.

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