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"I Fall to Pieces"

Episode # 4
Original Air Date: October 26, 1999
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

"I Fall to Pieces" is my favorite episode of Angel so far, excluding the premiere. I really liked the darkness and intensity of this episode. The fear of the unstoppable stalker was tied in smartly with the soul-less vampire, Angelus, of Angel's recent past. It was good to see Angel use psychology to figure out his opponent, rather than just brute force.

In addition, there was more character development of Angel. He finally figures out that the dark brooding look that he has (and I love) scares people who are in trouble. He decides to wear some color when meeting with his clientele. Also Angel gives in to the idea of charging his clients. This is Angel getting in touch with reality, also seen when he asks Kate, the police, for help guarding his client.

Doyle's description of Angel with the dark coat swirling, later the admission maybe he was attracted was hysterical. In real life, you can never get a guy to admit that another guy is attracted. I don't get why, after all a woman can appreciate another woman's beauty. I really liked Cordelia's girl Friday act. I'm looking forward to next week's episode which focuses on Cordelia.

I continue to have an issue with Angel moving around in the day. It's just too weird, a vampire standing with the sun glaring over him. At least, they should show us him walking through the underground tunnels, this reminds me of the show, "Beauty and the Beast" which I loved.

The overnight ratings for this episode were not good, 4.9/7 (6.0/9), but I'm hoping it was due to the World Series. I, myself, was switching back and forth during the commercials. However, the great news is that the show has been picked up for an additional 9 episodes, so we get a full season this year.

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