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"Graduation: Part 2"

Original Air Date: June 13, 1999
Review by: Amanda

Episode Review

Before I get into my review this week, I would like to praise the WB. They gone from being the worst in the ratings of all the networks, to having some of the best shows on television. 7th Heaven is a great family show, there's Dawson's Creek, Charmed, Felicity...and of course Buffy! I also think they deserve credit for their extra effort. The video "Crawl" was extremely awesome! With David, Nicholas, and Seth looking REALLY hot, I was very thankful that I got that on tape! I think I have watched it about 50 times, I know the song by heart now! Okay, I just had to say that.

Now on the season finale; I saw it in early June because I downloaded it off the Internet, and I thought it was great, but I wanted to wait until I saw it on TV before I did the review. Anyway, I really don't understand why the pulled it. Believe me, I do have a heart, and I feel bad for all the people who were hurt and killed in the school shootings, but this episode had nothing to do with that. There was a giant snake that was attacking people and there was not one shot fired in the whole episode. So, what did that have to do with Colorado? I just thought it was a little bit ridiculous to pull it.

Okay, finally to get to my review. Like I said it was great. This show is in dire need for an Emmy!!! Last night, I realized how much I am going to miss Cordelia. Yeah, she will be on Angel, but she adds a lot to the show. I never really liked her character much. I always thought she was a stuck up bitch. But she has a soft side, and she is nice and helps out once in awhile... without too much complaining. Another character I will miss is the mayor. I love his character! Of course, he is not supposed to be a nice person, but I like all the things he adds to his conversations. Like, last night, he was talking to some vampires about the proceedings of graduation day, about how they need to kill everyone, not feed, and before they left, he tells them not to swear. Those little things he does just makes me laugh.

Finally!! Cordelia realized that Wesley is so not for her. I was disgusted that she liked him at all. I couldn't stand him, and that kiss must have been the most awkward I have ever seen!

Willow... Oz... I hope they are using protection!! In the van!?! I was kind of surprised they slept together, and then they did it... again, and wound up late for graduation. What is happening to my shy, goody-goody Willow??

Angel and Buffy. Just thinking about this makes me want to cry! I am going to miss their relationship. They were just so meant for each other. Yes, I did cry last night, but I'm sort of glad that Angel didn't say goodbye. In a way he didn't even need to, cause when he and Buffy looked at each before he left, it was kind of like an unspoken I-still-love-you-and-I-will-always-love-you look. Anyway, if Angel had said goodbye, there would have been crying from him, Buffy, and more from me!! I am definitely psyched for "Angel" but also kind of sad. It'll be really weird not seeing them together. What I am excited for is that "Angel" will be on right after "Buffy." That's like a double dosage of my fave shows every week! Maybe in his new show there will be more shirtless scenes...

I think the fourth season will hold a lot of changes in the show, for everyone. It's hard to believe they are in college now. I heard that Spike will be a regular in the cast starting this season. I'm excited for that, because I have always loved Spike! What's going to happen to Giles, now that he no longer works for the council, and he has no library anymore. He'll probably end up working at the college or something. What will happen to Xander? I don't think he is going to Sunnydale University, cause he never mentioned it, and also Oz. He is extremely smart, where is he headed? Also, what will Angel do in LA, and Cordelia? I hope my questions are answered this season, and that I live through the long hellish rerun season. If anybody watches more then Buffy on the WB, you'll know that 7th Heaven has a special showing on Sunday night called Beginnings. It showed all the first season episodes. They need to do that to Buffy! There's some episodes I haven't seen in so long, that I barely remember.

Well, since this is a website devoted to Angel, and he is getting his own show, I don't know what's happening to me. I know that Chrystal is doing her own reviews for "Angel," and whether I will continue Buffy reviews or not, is unknown at the moment. But I have enjoyed it, and hopefully I'll be continuing this September. Have a good summer everyone!!


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