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"Five by Five"

Episode # 18
Original Air Date: April 25, 2000
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

Great episode! I was excited that Faith was coming to LA, but when I saw the flashbacks, I got a little wary. However, the flashbacks were well done and nicely placed throughout the episode. I must say that I agree with Wesley that Giles should have told Angel that Faith was alive and literally kicking. David looked great this episode. He was intense and I loved the suit.

Wesley's need to redeem Faith and thereby, redeem himself was moving. He is right about Faith. She may be a Slayer gone rogue, but she is still a misguided semi-psychotic young woman who needs serious help. There is nothing to celebrate in her death.

As usual, Cordelia's comedic contribution was enjoyable, however it was great to see her distress after Faith attacked her and kidnapped Wesley. I wonder why her ghost didn't help them out?

It was wonderful to see the law firm in the middle of things. Sometimes, I feel Angel is too isolated fighting the monster of the week. I'm a sucker for the forces of good versus evil. (By the way, have you ever watched "Good vs Evil" on USA on Fridays at 9 p.m. ET. It's a great show. I love it!) I can't wait to learn more about the entities backing the law firm.

From the previews, we know that Buffy arrives in LA to find Angel defending Faith. I don't know if Faith's remorse is for real or not, but I understand Angel wanting to save her and I think that she deserves one last shot at redemption. As you know my resentment of Buffy continues unabated, I can't stand how she has moved on with her life engaging in multiple sexual encounters and has apparently forgotten all about Angel who continues to pine for her. Ugh! I hope Faith tells him all about Buffy's relationships. My poor Angel! There has to be a way for him to have an intimate relationship with a woman. I demand it! Okay, I'm calming down:) I don't have the overnight ratings for the show, hopefully I'll get next week's.

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