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Episode # 25
Original Air Date: October 10, 2000
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

I must start on a totally shallow note: lots of shirtless David. Whoopee!!!! I loved the ice scene which definitely played into many of my own fantasies. It was also great to see the dark, tall, handsome and broody Angel smiling and happy even if it is in a destructive dream state.

This was definitely one of the best episodes of Angel. The episode was outstanding and should be ranked in the top 5, in my opinion. The actors were solid and each got a substantive share of the episode in terms of time and plot. This is an important episode because not only did a vital story arc begin: Darla's deadly seduction of Angel, but we got our first in depth introduction to Gunn's life after the loss of his sister.

Darla's infiltration of Angel's dreams is a stroke of genius. For once the bad guys are being appropriately devious. They can't defeat Angel head on so they have found a way to get behind their nemesis' defensives. Angel's weakness is his loneliness, his need for companionship, his need to be loved... I liked that the storyline was not quickly or easily resolved by the end of the episode. Wesley's concern that Angel was having difficulty fighting is evidence that Darla's Delilah seduction is working, but on one has figured out that there is a real problem as yet. This promises to be an interesting story arc.

I loved the whole Cordelia and Gunn interaction. I will repeat myself, Gunn is a great addition to the cast. His sarcasm and quips were harsh, but I laughed anyway. Gunn's world is dangerous, but Cordelia was right he courts the danger. Gunn's slip calling his friend who was hospitalized by his vampbitten-slain sister's name shows that he is still in pain over the losing his sister. Cordelia was fantastic as Gunn's protector. She was strong and decisive as she saved Gunn's friend. Cordelia's determination not to back down and fight was awesome to watch. Cordelia's words to Gunn were calm, yet full of emotion and caring. Wow, this Cordelia Chase is so different from the character that left Sunnydale, she has matured into this amazing woman who I can appreciate and admire.

Side notes: I was glad to that to see our singing demon again. Angel called Cordelia, "Cordy" again, awww. Angel doesn't like motorcycles, I can't blame him.

If this episode is the foundation for future episodes then we are in great shape for the rest of the season. I can't wait to see what's next.

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