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Episode # 12
Original Air Date: January 25, 2000
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

"Expecting" was outstanding and more than made up for last week's disappointing episode, "Somnambulist." All the major characters had an opportunity to shine and did, but Charisma Carpenter was especially touching as the bewildered very pregnant Cordelia. When Angel and Wesley entered the room and Cordelia whimpered that she was ready to get up, I feel my heartbreak her despair over what had happened. She loses Doyle and tries to move on, but the first guy she dates impregnates her with demon spawn. Charisma was able to believably transition into the protective mother. I laughed when she swung the "whatever that was" and broke the monster into pieces. It was so Cordelia to want to get the last word. At the end, it was good to hear her say to that she finally had people to count on, that she was like family, no longer alone.

Angel was heartbreaking in his concern for Cordelia. When he saw her condition on the bed, he seemed to sink into the bed sharing in her pain. He didn't tell her that Wilson's phone was disconnected. He told the bartender that he was "family." How sweet was that? He's not just the concerned boss any more, he's family and now he has admitted this to himself. The first evidence of this is when he found out that she was dating; he asked how come he hadn't met the guy. Other than Buffy, Angel has never had a real connection with the people around him. Doyle had become a friend. Cordelia was always a bit of a pain, but now she is like a sister to him.

Wesley's insistence that he is the demon hunter continues to be pathetic as we witness his ineptness, but it is totally endearing. His loneliness and need to belong is obvious he tries to flirt with Cordelia's friends and asks Angel if he needs help hunting. Angel and Wesley hunting the weird demon offspring and Angel boosting Wesley's ego is the beginning of a real friendship. Also his unfailing supporting of Cordelia was admirable as he tried and failed to comfort her. He is becoming one of the Angel's posse, not replacing Doyle, but carving out his own place.

I am extremely pleased with the direction that the show is taking. Unlike Buffy which seemed to be about the monsters and the Slayer, Angel seems to be more about overcoming loneliness and forging bonds of friendship between the main characters even when they die. I like the concept of the forces of evil (the law firm) versus the army of good warriors (Angle and his friends) that is woven throughout the show.

Notes: I did like that Cordelia's friends were not involved with the monsters. The humor was great and did not distract from the plot. Again Angel and the sunlight. What's up with that? The overnight ratings are up from last week and higher than Buffy's: 5.8/9 (4.9/7).

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