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Episode # 17
Original Air Date: April 4, 2000
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

I enjoyed this episode of Angel. I thought it was a standard episode and figured that Angelus would reemerge in the end so I was pleasantly surprised. I actually like Angelus. He's honest and brutal.

Angel and Wesley's obvious struggle to compliment Cordelia's performance was funny. Cordelia's infatuation with the showbiz and becoming a star was contrasted with the emptiness felt by the actress (can't remember her name). However, Cordelia is a much stronger personality, I believe and would always have Angel and Wesley to balance her loneliness.

Drugging Angel to bring out Angelus was a great plot move. Since Angel, the show, doesn't usually have vampires as the villains, it is easy to get sucked into Angel's goodness and forget the cruelly of the pure demon when unleashed. Wesley mentioned that Angel had to have true happiness which does leave the door open for him to have meaningless sex which I would like him to have since Buffy is over in Sunnydale giving every male that she meets a "ride." However, by showing how tenuous Angel's control is over the demon, our boy won't be "getting any" anytime soon, I guess.

I loved that Wesley and Cordelia wouldn't untie Angel at the end. It was hysterical. Who could blame them? Sure they forgave him, but he, albeit Angelus, did still hurt their feelings. The comment about Wesley "growing a pair" and then mocking Cordelia in the play was definitely on the mean side. Cordelia demanding honesty about her acting from her "friends" was cool. She is one of the most painfully honest characters that I've ever witnessed on television and does deserve the same in return. I also liked that Cordelia and Wesley figured out a way to save themselves and ultimately Angel.

I did have a problem with the episode. Why did Angel look in the mirror? She would have never known that he didn't have a reflection.

I don't have the ratings for this episode.

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