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"Dear Boy"

Episode # 27
Original Air Date: October 24, 2000
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

Another great episode of Angel, but this show had serious flaws, in my opinion. The acting and storyline played out nicely, but I couldn't help feeling a sense of incredibility. I could not understand how Wesley hadn't realized that something was seriously wrong with Angel. Angel's oversleeping and intensity was a major clue that something was awry. How could Cordelia and Wesley dismiss Angel's dreams and claim of seeing Darla after all the weirdness that they have seen? How could they doubt Angel's claims? I just couldn't get over how they quickly they deserted Angel. I understand Gunn's hard stance, but not Cordelia and Wesley's position.

On the other hand, I like the continued deception of Wolfram and Hart. Like I've said before, I appreciate the bad guys being smart and devious. Too often, Angel and his crew defeat their demon foes too quickly and easily. It's about time that Angel has a worthy opponent.

The historical scenes of Angel and Darla were nicely placed throughout this episode. It was great seeing Dru again. I like that the show never lets us forget the evil Angelus. Sometimes I find myself tired of Angel's broodiness so seeing Angelus in action is a nice reminder of Angel's sins and need for redemption.

I was surprised to learn that Darla is now human. I didn't seeing that one coming. In many ways, I think that it is good that Angel faces Darla and his past. I kinda felt sorry for Darla, but I was glad that Angel recognized that happiness is separate from sex. Darla could bring him the love and pure happiness that Buffy brought him. His decision not to kill Darla shows that he is learning. Perhaps Angel was right, maybe her conscience will bother her over the death of the actor, then again perhaps not. Darla will have to struggle with being human and her need to be evil. I look forward to witnessing Darla's machinations this season. Her alliance with Wolfram and Hart promises to spice up the show. I wait to see what happens next. Wouldn't it be great to see Faith take on Darla in order to protect Angel? I love the idea of Faith and Angel hooking up. Probably won't happen, but I hope we see Faith again this season.

I liked Angel's response to Wesley and Cordelia about forces being arrayed against him, "there's going to be a lot of trouble and I say, bring it on." Sure it was cliché, but it's about time Angel faces his past and his future with some backbone and determination. It was kinda like, "lets get ready to rumble" and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Miscellaneous: I was glad to see the tall green singing demon (from now on to be called TGSD) again, but Angel has got to stop singing. I swear, every time Angel sings he sounds worse. I did like how Wesley's insecurity about Gunn is being played out. I missed Lindsey and it was good to see him again. My feelings about Kate are more ambivalent. I'm not sure what exactly is her purpose on the show. I wouldn't have wasted the time to bring her back.

Despite my reservations about this episode, I think this was another strong episode. This season has been solid so far and I'm happy with the direction that the show is heading.

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