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"Dead Man's Party"

Original Air Date: October 6, 1998
Review by: Blu

Episode Review

Ok, my thoughts on the whole deal in no particular order:

1. Where the heck is Angel? He is coming back for the third ep, right? Right?

2. Love Oz n Will! Absolutely squealing in delight when they appear on the screen.

3. Is it me, or is the Xand-man looking mucho hotter this year than last? I like the longer hair...

4. I can understand Buffy's need to run, and everyone else's need to rail on her, but not gang up on her. I think she would have fared much better with one on one stuff.

5. The Giles' talk. Nonexistant. Why? That must be the most important one yet and they couldn't have it? Ahhh!

6. The Pat lady (was that her name?): die die die. Yay yay yay!

7. That mask was ugly in the worst way.

8. The dead cat. I could have done without that image.

9. Where's Angel? ::sobbing:: I miss him!



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