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Episode # 29
Original Air Date: November 14, 2000
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

I've been torn over writing this review. On one hand, I enjoyed the episode very much, but I also feel that the angst was a bit much even for this series. The flashbacks of Angel, Darla, Druscilla, and Spike were well done and nicely interspersed with the present day scenes.

The relationship between Angel and Darla is obviously complicated. The love between vampires may be sick and twisted, but it is real. Juile Benz was outstanding as the wounded Darla demanding that Angel prove his love by killing the baby. At that moment I forgot she was asking that he commit an evil deed, but instead found myself empathizing with her feelings of betrayal. Angel didn't keep his promise to her that nothing would change even with his soul, but instead found himself at the mercy of his guilt. The contrast of this indignant Darla with the desperate needy Darla was well done. While I understand Angel's desperate need to save Darla, I don't understand why he was totally surprised that she wanted to be re-vamped. I think that Angel confused his desperate wish to be human with Darla's need to escape her human existence.

It was great to see Lindsay again. I don't think that Darla was right when she said that he wanted to screw Angel. I think on many levels Lindsay is just as lost as Darla. His attraction to vulnerable Darla seems a natural off shoot of his loneliness combined with his ongoing struggle with his decision to stay on the dark side. Lindsay probably just needed to feel a connection to someone.

I must admit that I no longer have a clue as to what Wolfram and Hart are planning. I don't understand how Angel saving Darla's soul would make him vulnerable to their machinations.

The crew didn't have much to contribute to this episode, but I did like how Cordelia reacted when Darla referred to Angel as "Angelus." Cordelia has seen Angelus in action and wants him to stay in the past.

I thought that this episode was definitely one of the better episodes. We are now getting the consistency that I pleaded for in the first season and it is great.

Quick note: I watched Buffy. I love James Marsters, but I'm not sure where this Spike/Buffy relationship is supposed to be going. It seems totally unfeasible considering that Spike has no remorse for his past evil deeds.

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