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Original Air Date: May 4, 1999
Review by: Amanda

Episode Review

Wow, what a great episode. Buffy seems to be getting better and better every week. The plots get more interesting, and so do the characters. I am really starting to really like Willow too. She is not so naive anymore, and when she decided to go the University of Sunnydale, so she could help Buffy, I thought that was so nice.

Okay, about the box and all the icky spiders. I thought what was going to be in the box was going to be a lot worse then spiders. but that was until I found how many were in the box. When Snyder came into the cafe where they were killing all the spiders and stuff, I thought he was going to help out the mayor or something. For some reason I thought Snyder knew all about th mayor conspiracy, but he seemed pretty freaked.

Well, so Cordelia is working, I have a feeling her dad lost his job, cause she would definitely not be working if she had a choice. One last thought, I hope Faith dies in the season finale, cause I am not liking her at all.

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