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"Blood Money"

Episode # 34
Original Air Date: January 23, 2001
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

Finally, we know the firm's real goals re: Angel. I was right about their intention being to drive Angel into the darkness. His role in the upcoming apocalypse is intriguing. I'm sure that Buffy would have a role also. I do hope that when Angel ends we get to witness the apocalypse. I'm such a sap. I would love a happy ending with evil conquered, Angel becoming human, and possibly reuniting with Buffy or hooking up with Cordelia.

Angel totally fooled me in the opening scene. I thought for a moment he was coming back from the darkness. He seemed so genuinely apologetic and interested when he "accidentally" ran into Anne. I was stunned when he entered the apartment and pictures of her were all over the walls. I loved the focus on the intensity of his eyes which revealed his state semi-madness and I do think that Angel is tethering on the end of insanity. David's eyes are his best features and he uses them effectively. He was so wonderfully menacing in the encounter with Lila. There was none of the usual Angel hedging in the confrontation. He was playing straight up with Lila. She was right to be scared. The expression on her face as well as Lindsey's when they discovered that they were expendable, while Angel was not . . . was priceless.

The calm manner in which Anne accepted Boon and Angel as non-human was totally unrealistic. If it was me, I would have been freaking out. I was suspecting Anne had another agenda at this point. I mean who could be that naïve? However, I did appreciate her "it will wash" comment about the blood on the money. Guess she really is tough. She is an interesting character. Wonder if we will ever see her again?

The Angel/Boon fight scenes were excellent. Great stunts. A practical concern: If Angel couldn't pay Merle, how does he pay rent on his apartment? I liked his "Bean bag chairs?" comment along with the pitying expression.

Merle is hysterical. I love this guy. He's such a wimpy cowardly demon. I hope he sticks around for a while. I felt sorry for Merle when he encountered Boon then Lila. He is so hapless. "Does everyone know where I live?" Poor Merle. The life of a powerless demon is tough.

The chemistry between Gunn and Wesley is explosive. The actors play off each other wonderfully with comedic timing. I had to laugh as they braced themselves to go after the 40 foot monster and loved their admission of fear as they celebrated over beating the monster. Although Cordelia didn't contribute much to this episode, but I enjoyed her brief presence. Okay, I liked Cordelia's highlights though I though that the cut was a bit too short. "Ex-girlfriend?" "God, no." Does anyone not believe that Angel was sincere re: Cordelia? Guess Cordelia brings that out in some men. Cordelia and Wesley on the tape were funny, though unexpected. I liked the continuity when the cowboy actor remembered that the actress dated Wesley. It was fun seeing the deceased Holland again on film. Gotta to admit that I miss his smarmy presence.

I enjoyed this episode, but I really thought the embarrassment factor and theft of the money didn't seem to be important enough for Angel to go through all the trouble to set Lila and Lindsey up, maybe this reflects Angel's lack of perspective.

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