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"Bad Girls"

Original Air Date: February 9, 1999
Review by: Amanda

Episode Review

I was so happy to see Angel and Buffy together. I loved when she jumped on him at The Bronze. Even though she was high on life, and not her normal self, it reminded me of how much they belong together. Plus, Angel looked really hot! But I do think he should be making more non-business trips to see Buffy. I thought it was kind of weird that Buffy was in with Faith. I didn't think she ever really liked her, but she goes shoplifting and skipping class with her. I thought Buffy was being really stupid. I also didn't like that she was ditching Willow for Faith.

I do have to say that that fat blubber thing in the tub was really gross. But I liked seeing Angel save the everyone, just like the old days. Giles certainly showed Wesley (new watcher) what he is made of. He kicked some vampire ass and that proves that Giles will always be the better watcher, but like we really needed the proof. The thing with the mayor and Trick is getting stranger every week...Why is he buddies with the vamps?

Oh, Faith, you are such a bitch. First she kills a man, and than doesn't care. And she also made no effort to save his life. She didn't even call 911. Nice way to leave the episode. Now I have to wait a week to find out if my dreams come true, that Faith goes to jail!!

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