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"Bachelor Party"

Episode # 7
Original Air Date: November 16, 1999
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

I consider "The Bachelor Party" to be an outstanding Angel episode in terms of character development. This episode accomplished what "Room w/a View" attempted so poorly to do. In this episode, we witness Angel's trying to be a more "sensitive" guy. He plays concerned dad with Cordelia's date. Then he listens to Cordelia's ramblings about Doyle and later on Doyle's bemoaning the loss of Harry. Ultimately, he discovers that people don't really want to hear his thoughts on their issues, they just want him to listen and empathize.

We also see Cordelia maturing a bit and admitting reluctantly that she cares for Doyle. She wants substance who can blame the girl. Her jealousy of Harry was nicely tempered. She didn't rage at Doyle for keeping his marriage a secret instead she befriended Harry and learned more about Doyle. Cordelia's growing up, who would have thought it. Again, I was pleased that proactive Cordelia was back. She fought with the vamp who grabbed her and then helped beat the crap out the demons at the bachelor party and the unfortunate Doyle. Her lines, were comedic. "I think (believe) it, I say it, that's my way." This one is a classic. This captures Cordelia's personality, and I had to smile. To think that I didn't like her much on Buffy.

The character development of Doyle triggered by his wife's visit was more believable than in "Room w/a View" where Angel badges him to spill his soul. Glenn Quinn did a good job playing Doyle in turmoil and hurt by his wife moving on without him. We found out that he only discovered that he was a demon a few years ago and the emotional trauma he went through. We now know why he struggles to keep the demon under control when he fights and keeps this potent secret from Cordelia. Note, Cordelia still doesn't know, it will be explosive when she finally does find out.

Quick notes: Harry confronting her fiancee about practicing "barbaric" rituals was funny and so surreal. Also why didn't Angel just vamp out when the guys attacked him before throwing out of the window.

Doyle finding Buffy's picture was obviously a set up for the crossover next week (spoilers at the bottom of the Angel News page). Angel will be on Buffy the Vampire Slayer which airs right before "Angel" at 8:00 p.m. So remember to watch. Buffy then travels to L.A. to visit him. The episode titled, "I Will Remember You," (wonder if they will play Sarah McLachlan's song) promises to bring final closure to their love story which is probably for the best considering Buffy's recent bed adventure with Parker. Regardless, you and I know that neither Angel nor Buffy will ever have that intense chemistry with anyone else.

The overnight ratings for "The Bachelor Party," were a bit disappointing, 4.8/7 (5.0/7), but hopefully the crossover next week will draw an audience that will stay for the rest of the season.

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