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Original Air Date: January 27, 1998
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

"Phases" was definitely not a good Angel episode. Only two brief scenes of Angel, though he did look great as usual. Angelus is so deliciously evil. I really like his style. His message to Buffy was so unexpected and really cruel. Like Buffy, I was totally caught off guard when Teresa gave her the message. When Buffy said, "Angel," I was really felt her pain. However, I was not pleased by the Buffy/Xander "moment." I mean how long has Angel been gone, a day. Okay, I exaggerate, but you get my point. Also where is the Claddagh ring that Angel gave her. I rewound to Innocence and noticed that Buffy did not have it on when she blew up the Judge. She took the ring off immediately. So much for having hope in true love. It must be out of sight, out of mind. I know that I'm not being fair, but I don't want Buffy to start getting involved with someone so quickly. I would prefer she wait a while and then start seeing someone, only to have Angel's soul restored. This would force her make a choice about loving Angel. Of course, in my scenario she chooses to stay committed to Angel and their love for each other in spite of the problems.

I was pretty distracted by the werewolf costume (unconvincing in my mind), but the humor was great in this episode. I did enjoy Larry's confession which was tastefully done in Ellen style. I thought Willow and Cordelia bonding was pretty cool. It's amazing that Xander does not wonder why he is so obsessed about who Willow dates. This leads me to the couple I consider to be the most adorable (Buffy and Angel are intense and hot) on the show: Oz and Willow. I love this new more confident yet doubting Willow. She wanted Oz and she went after him. Oz is so sweet. He is the perfect guy for Willow. He really cares about her. I hope Joss keeps their romance on the story board. Finally a quandary, where did Buffy's super strength come from? Not only does she not bruise, but now she is bionic woman? What's next? Is she going to fly?

Final note: I thought that Lotion, the band that performed in the Bronze was great. I think they have the potential to make it really big.

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