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"Killed by Death"

Original Air Date: March 3, 1998
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

I was not too fond of this episode. Partly because there was limited Angelus, but mainly because I'm not thrilled watching shows with kids being scared and killed. It was simply too creepy in my opinion, but then again it is a horror show so I can't hold it against Joss when he indulges in his Freddie fantasies.

About Angelus, I really am beginning to want my soulful Angel back. The fight with Buffy was so graphic and thoroughly vicious. I miss my sweet Angel making out with Buffy in the cemetery. I want him back, like now! Oh well, if the rumors floating around have any validity, he will return in the season finale. I can only hope.

I can be dim sometimes, but I'm not sure what the point of the whole Xander/Cordelia interaction was. Then again, I'm not unbiased. Xander irks me and Cordelia has been known to rub me the wrong way also. The weird jealousy thing just did not move me. I kept saying, "okay, are you done now? Can we move on?"

I did enjoy Willow's sweet quirkiness in this episode. I wish that Joss et al. would give Willow and Oz more to do. Hopefully with Seth as a regular next season, this adorable couple will get much more air time.

I have been thinking about this for a while now, I think Jenny's death has opened the door for a Joyce/Giles pairing. Way down the line, of course. Giles would make the perfect stepfather for Buffy. He could cover for her. I felt sorry for Giles. He seemed so sad.

Finally, I still love the leather pants, but doesn't Angelus have any other pants in his wardrobe? I mean, does he have them dry cleaned regularly? It costs a lot, he must have bank.

Note*** When I originally wrote this review, I missed the Angelus/Xander confrontation due to my laundry duties. Just wanted to add that I thought that the confrontation was great. David looked amazingly gorgeous. Xander did his best. Had to admire his courage. I swear, is there anyone Angelus doesn't plan to tell about and he and Buffy? I still wonder if Xander got it? I think Angelus struck home when he said that Xander still loves Buffy. What does this mean for the Xander/Cordelia pairing? I suspect Cordelia will have her heartbroken one way or the other.

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