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"Go Fish"

Original Air Date: May 5, 1998
Review by: Blu

Episode Review

We go to the beach party. Cool. I can live with that. Buffy is moping. Good. I can live with that too. The guy (Todd from Sweet Valley High the tv show) sounds a lot like Angel. But I don't like that she smiles at him. Don't get all flirty with him, Buffy. The moping is much better.

Willow rocked in this ep. Loved that comedy that she injected. Willow the Interrogator. Also liked Willow the Schoolteacher. The hair is cute (I think she cut it, read that on some list somewhere...).

Xander was ON in this ep. Yes, Xander the Comic is in the house. I laughed for all except 10 minutes of this episode. The Xand/Cordy interaction was nice. I think they're growing on each other. The scene by the pool was VERY funny. Cordy actually admitting Xander is hot. I think that's a first.

Sigh. One scene. One measly scene. A LITTLE scene. Short. Oh, Joss, "Becoming" had better be the best ep so far this season for all the Angel missage you've put us through. The Angel scene (from my perspective): same clothes, same hair (not complaining. Not at all.), same sarcastic voice, although the complaining about Buffy was sorta new.

No Spike. I know we have to save up our time and all, but after that little "Sooner than you think" they could have at least shown us Spike PLANNING something. Dru wasn't seen either. I don't mind that, since I get a stomach ache every time I think of Angel and Dru together. Blah.

The preview was my favorite part! (This contains possible spoilers for "Becoming". Turn back now if you don't want to be spoiled.) Angel had long hair. Got a brief glimpse of Darla (at least that's who I think it was, I never saw her before {yep, I confess, I'm a 2nd season convert}). A lot of brief clips of Buffy running. Spike and Dru were seen. I didn't catch sigh of Oz (Another sigh. Going through Oz missage too. My only consolation is that he signed on for next season. YAY!), but I'm hoping he's in "B". SO can't wait for this event. SO can't believe the rumors that Angel is still gonna be bad at the end. SO not wanting this to end as a cliffhanger (Charisma admitted it in an online chat). Ah, well.

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