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"Becoming: Part 2"

Original Air Date: May 19, 1998
Review by: Blu

Episode Review

OH. OH MY. OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH times 10,000. OH BOY. I can't even talk, let alone write a review. I'll try anyway. Can you say CLIFFHANGER? I knew it was coming and I still am speechless. OH MY.

Waaah. I am SO upset! He was back! ANGEL was back. He was back, back, back! And then, poof, he's gone again. That's like Romeo and Juliet twice over. OOOOh. I can't say anything else. My Angel, the SWEET one. The GOOD one. ::sobs are heard from across the computer lines:: Angel, Angel, Angel. Buffy, how could you? I would not have had the willpower to do that. Boy, do I know what every fanfic this side of the North Pole is gonna be about this summer. Getting Angel out of hell. And I'm not ashamed to admit I'll probably be one of those writers.

Joss, four words: WHAT were you thinking? Probably something along the lines of making sure all the fans are tuned in for the season premiere next September (or August, October? Anybody care to enlighten me?).

Loved Spike, absolutely LOVED him. Witty repartee the whole show. Loved that. Xander had me screaming several times. Especially the part where he told Buffy that Willow had said to kick Angel's butt. I yelled at the TV. He made me so MAD.

The hospital scene where Willow wakes up and says: "Oz." I was crying. Xander finally admitted his feelings and Willow doesn't care anymore. Yay for Willow, big sorries for Xander. Cordy was supportive, a good friend, was it me or was she out of character. J/K. I'm glad she's finally developing.

OZ!!! He was SO sweet. He called her "Baby" (or Babe or something along that line)! LOVED Oz, too. In fact, I LOVED this whole ep, except for the end. What else is there to say. Oh, I know! I didn't like Joyce in this ep. I liked the scene with her and Spike, but that was it.

Comments on the Whistler: he was interesting. I wonder if he will be a regular next season? And will James and Juliet? I'd like that. I like them. And I'd like to see a lot more of Spike. Back to Whistler: he's mysterious, has cool taste (although a little eccentric) in clothes, is on the good side (so far), and has helped Angel before.

Giles was hardly in this ep, but the thing with Ms. C. was kinda sad. With Dru it was like "Eeeww!" And Spike was funny when he said "I don't want to hurt you..." pop "...but that doesn't mean I won't."

Back to Angel. Since this is, after all, Angel's Secrets. He got his soul back. After he tried to kill Buffy. And she was finally getting to kick some butt. His eyes got that light in them, then he looked up and he was like, "Buffy? What happened? I don't remember..." And I was like "YES!" And then that hell guy opened his mouth and Buffy knew what she had to do, and they said they loved each other and then she stabbed him!!!

OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY. I started on the kick again. Bad girl. Whew. This summer is going to be extremely long. And suffersome. I'm not gonna be able to wait. Anybody have a spare time machine lying around anywhere that they'd accept money to let me use? Sigh. I wish. Ok, I'm gonna end this review, since I have nothing more to say that isn't along the lines of: oh boy.

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