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"Becoming: Part 1"

Original Air Date: May 12, 1998
Review by: Blu

Episode Review

OH BOY. I think I am about to suffocate. That was SO good. Now I wish it was next Tuesday though. Joss is a genius. Not that we didn't already know that, but hey, let me say it again. Joss is a genius.

Can you say Angel, Angel and more Angel? I can.

The Angel hair thing: I didn't like the long with sideburns look, but the long without sideburns was SO fine. I panted through those scenes. Even with all the dirt on him.

WHY did they have to mess up the ritual? Why? ::a pitiful wail ensues:: Just more of Joss' brain in action.

Oz-age! Yay-age! She was sitting on his lap and he said her sweat was cute! A little phrase that goes "awww" runs through my head. Even Xander and Cordy got to have a little flirting fun.

Kendra? Yes, she was here (I admit, I was reading the opening credits {the ones after the teaser} and I was naming everyone who was going to be in it, and I shouted Oz's name out loud). Was it me or did she die really easily? I thought Slayers were supposed to be strong. A little slit in her throat and bye bye Kendra?

Was it really necessary to push a bookcase onto Willow? You know, maybe a little hit on the head and she's out, but a bookcase? Xander's broken arm. Ow. That looked like it hurt. And Cordy got away. I'm miffed. SHE of all people should be hurt. Wonder what Joss has in store for her...

Kidnapping Giles. What a brilliant idea. Make the Slayer mad. Yeah, that's sane ::heavy sarcasm here::. What's with the suddenly unable to defeat any forces of darkness Thing that Buffy has going on? It's really bugging me, especially the part in the preview for next week where Angel beats her at a sword fight? I thought she was stronger than him? I'm thinking she should have killed him off at first, if she was going to make such a big deal out of it.

Leave it to Joss to have us on the edges of our respective seats in anticipation for next weeks episode. I for one will not be able to sit still until after it is over (then that rumor {ok, it's not a rumor, Charisma said it} that it's a cliffhanger really bothers me, I'm going to have a lousy summer...).

Is it me, or are the episodes written and directed by Joss so much better than all the others? I was waiting for "Go Fish" to be over (due to lack of Angel) but "Becoming" was over before I had a good grasp on everything! I'm really hoping Joss is going to tie up most of our loose ends or else I'm going to have to throw a tantrum. It's just not fair to us avid fans to leave us untied at the end of a season!

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