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"Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered"

Original Air Date: February 10, 1998
Review by: Chrystal

Episode Review

I enjoyed this episode though it was not the the greatest Angel episode. He did look great in those leather pants. I just hope that Joss lets Angel keep it when his soul returns. I did like the scene when he gave Dru the heart. Spike looked devastated when Dru forgot all about the necklace he gave her. He almost jumped out of the chair when Angelus put it around Dru's neck. I guess Angel always gets the girl whether he's good or bad. I loved when he taunted Spike and said that Dru gives him "pity access." Well, we can definitely see lots of trouble ahead with this new sick triangle. I'm now more convinced than ever that Spike will be instrumental in helping Buffy save Angel. Spike is not going to put up with too much more Angelus hanging around Dru. He will try to find a way to get rid of him even if it means helping the Slayer. This question is why isn't Buffy trying to find a way to save Angel now. She seems to have given up completely on him. She doesn't wear the Claddagh ring he gave her, she is afraid of him and mopes around instead of trying to find a way to help him. Where is her Slayer backbone? Doesn't love conquer all?

Now for the focus of the episode, Xander. Cordelia dumping Xander on Valentine's Day was really low. She could have at least waited or not do it in such a public place. I did enjoy seeing Xander determined to get revenge on Cordelia. It is about time he stops being a smuck. His backmail strategy with Amy was entertaining. I thought that the scenes with Buffy coming on to him were funny. Xander seemed so confused. But the most hysterical must have been how Jenny was rubbing his arm trying to make up with Giles then started to fawn all over Xander. I also found it funny when Amy turned Buffy into rat and Giles was looking for Buffyrat. I don't blame Giles for being angry at Xander, but I would think he would understand considering his past. Maybe he hoped Xander would learn from his (Giles) mistakes

Willow in Xander's bed with only a shirt made me pretty uncomfortable. It seemed really hurtful to Willow who has thing major crush thing on him. Just as she is moving on with Oz. It was so cute how she went around telling everyone that her boyfriend was playing in the band for the Valentine's Day dance. I couldn't helping laughing when she was in the Bronze and told Xander that Oz had his good hair and that she thinks that she's a groupie. What is up with Oz's new blonde hair? I do think that it's cute though. In end when Xander told Buffy that Willow would not speak to him and Buffy pointed out that Willow had loved him before the spell, I thought that was betraying Willow even if speaking the obvious. I really think that Willow got the worst of this episode again. Xander simply has the power to hurt her too easily. I think she needs to get over him and quick. Oz is my man of the hour. I enjoyed him hitting Xander. I felt like he was doing it for me as well. Xander definitely deserved it. Oz is adorable. I loved when he said, "ouch that hurt!" He also didn't oogle Buffy when she changed back into human form and was in the buff (I know corny.)

It was cool that at the end of episode when Cordelia turns on her friends saying that she is not a sheep and is so much cooler than them and that she can date whoever the hell she wants even he is lame. I liked how she walked up to Xander and linked her arm with his in disbelief at what she had said. It was kinda cute how he said that they could still fight in front of her friends. However, I not sure what Xander and Cordelia are supposed to have going on. I don't see the love or even the like, the most I can come up with is lust. Oh well, that's just me.

As for Giles and Jenny, I know he's going to forgive her but I'm still pissed over her betrayal even if it was her silence. I don't blame Buffy for ignoring her. Can't wait to see what happens in Passion. The writer of the episode, Ty King promises that there are some great Angel lines.

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