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Actor - David Boreanaz Biography
Birthdate: May 16, 1971
Hometown: Philidelphia, Pennsylvania

David Boreanaz - Pre-Vampire
The 6'1" David Boreanaz was born in Philly and has always had TV in his blood - his dad is a popular, local weatherman. When David Boreanaz was only seven, he saw Yul Brynner perform in The King and I and thought acting was cool. After graduating from college in Ithaca, New York, Boreanaz moved to Hollywood and did the starving acting thing. One day, on a break from his jobs of parking cars and giving out towels at a gym, David Boreanaz was walking his dog, Bertha Blue, and a manager noticed him. The manager signed Boreanaz instantly.

David Boreanaz Becomes Angel/Angelus
David Boreanaz's first TV gig was as a biker boyfriend of Kelly's on the show Married... With Children. And, in keeping with David's instant luck, Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator, Joss Whedon, signed David Boreanaz minutes after he audtioned - and had David shooting the show the very next day. David Boreanaz's role as Angel, the tortured soulful vampire, has been something the fans have really sunk their teeth into. The character was so successful he even got his own show - co-starring Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia,) Alexis Denisof (Wesley,) and James Marsters (Spike.)

David Boreanaz: More Blood
In 2001, David Boreanaz had his first staring role in a big screen movie titled, Valentine. It was a horror movie. His next movie role is The Crow, Wicked Prayer (part of the spooky Crow series,) so there's bound to be even more blood in Daviud Boreanaz's future.

David Boreanaz - Did U Know?

David Boreanaz Says...
"I'm afraid of live chickens. Birds. Because they're very clucky and full of feathers. They're just a little too jerky for me."

Thanks to "Jarredster" for sending me the above info!

DB's Wedding Announcement

from ted casablanca's the awful truth
November 29, 2001


Angel's David Boreanaz and boob-tube beach bunny Jaime Bergman got hitched over the holidays in Palm Springs, as you may have heard. However, what you probably haven't been told yet is there are plans already in place on the set of the bride's day job (that being the Baywatch-spoofing Son of the Beach, of course) for Bergman's character to become pregnant--so say beachy sources.

(Smutty aside, if you'll allow me: Jaime-doll plays lifeguard/model B.J. Cummings, dammit, the name I'd planned to use for my pseudonymous erotica.)

"Yes, I'm aware of the plot changes to her show," said a rep for Boreanaz, "and I do believe Jaime's pregnant. We've all been talking about it, I know that."

"Yes, Jaime's pregnant," confirmed the petite byoot's flack. "She's due in early May."

Conveniently, papa-to-be D.B. has just become a vampire sire on Angel. Ain't life in Hollywood the ultimate co-inky-dink?

The effervescent former Playboy pinup is a buxom (and then some) 5-foot-5 babe who has never before been married. The somewhat brooding 6-foot-1 star of Valentine and the upcoming I'm with Lucy was hitched once before, to a social worker.

Perhaps this union is a better match? Hope so. Congrats, you two!

source: http://www.eonline.com/Gossip/Awful/Archive2001/011129.html?main1

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