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The End

By Little Slayer

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Summary: After a year away, Buffy returns to Sunnydale, but the Slayer who replaced her isn't thrilled about the homecoming.
This is the first part of The End Series.
Disclaimer: I don't own him! Or Buffy, Angel, Giles, Willow, Joyce, and everyone else. They're all in here. I don't even own Angel's nickname of Peaches. That's some other author's and I don't remember their name. The only thing I own is Mya. She's mine. I created her. That and the plot. That's mine too. All the Buffyverse people belong to Joss Whedon and anyone else who legally owns them.
Rating: PG, for now. There is some violence, a lot of vampires die. Otherwise, PG-13. Lots of fighting and killing stuff. Plus, there's violence between Buffy and Mya. He-he-he.
Author's Notes: Yes I do realize that there have been and still are a lot of beginning of Season Three fanfics out there. I'm posting it anyway. Oh, and I'm a total die-hard B/A fan. So don't worry, everything's going to be fine for him and Buffy. Well, maybe.
Distribution: Anyone can have it. Just ask.
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Giles sighed after hanging up with a friend of his in Chicago. He stared at the wall for a second then walked into his office. Quietly, he pulled out his Watcher's Diary and a pen. With one last sigh, he began to write.

November 22, 1999

As long as there have been vampires, there has been the Slayer. One girl in all the world, to find them where they gather and to stop the spread of their evil...the swell of their numbers. All throughout the years, there have been many Slayers. Too many to count. Too many to even weep for. So many young girls have lost their lives, and I fear, soon will another.

This takes us to 1997 where the most unorthodox Slayer to ever be known, the strongest, died. Buffy Summers drowned in a small pool when she went to fight and kill the Master. Her friend, one of the Slayerettes, Xander brought her back from the dead with CPR. During that time, another was called. A beautiful young Caribbean girl who seemed to live, breath, and nothing else slaying. It was her whole life and she dedicated hers to it. I don't believe she ever had any other friends than Buffy. Kendra was killed while helping us during the last end of the world threat. She met her match very early in her career. A vampire named Drusilla is the one responsible for the death of a Slayer under my care. Drusilla was made by the vampire Angelus.


That name has new meaning for me now. He is no longer some old vampire who existed a hundred and fifty years ago, earning his reputation as the 'Scourge of Europe'. For I have met him, and I do not wish to ever meet that monster again. About ninety years ago, Angelus became what I know him as now. Angel. He was cursed with his soul. He then renounced everything human he could physically, emotionally, and mentally stand. Then he met Buffy. I couldn't believe it at first. My Slayer, falling for one of the most evil vampires ever known? Impossible. But it was true. Until the night of her 17th birthday and they almost lost each other. That was when they decided to consummate their relationship. And in that night, Angel lost his soul, becoming a monster once again.

Poor Buffy.

I didn't think she'd make it through that. Angel is now with us, human even, after spending quite some time in hell. The new Slayer, Mya, what a bright young girl. She tries, but she's not Buffy. Not anything like her. Mya's too dependant, and most certainly not as strong. I can't help but notice that the only thing that she and Buffy have in common besides their birth rights is their attraction to Angel. I know he tries not to, but I can tell he's developing feelings for the girl, and I know Mya likes Angel a lot.

The original Slayerettes Willow and Xander still help out as much as they can; they continue to put their lives on the line for no reason. The two new additions, Cordelia and Sunnydale's resident werewolf Oz, help as much as they are able also.

And I, the watcher, I am now married to Buffy's mother Joyce. What a delightful woman. She's kind, caring, strong-headed, stubborn. I can see where Buffy got her personality.

As for the petite blonde Slayer, we haven't seen her in more than a year.

It's now 1999 and the last time we saw her was the last time the world was threatened. The last she saw of us was not a good memory. Willow was in a coma in the hospital, Xander had a broken arm, Joyce was so confused and scared that she lashed out at Buffy, banning her from ever going home. I never saw her. I was in the mansion being tortured by Angelus. The only thing I saw was her fighting him. As for Angel, well, she did get to see him one last time before running him through with a sword. His soul was restored at the last second and once again fate ripped him from Buffy's grasp.

She hasn't been seen since.

Until now.


Chapter One, The Return

Buffy sighed and tried to stretch her shoulders as much as she could in the small, cramped space of the airplane. She glared across the aisle at Whistler, who sat reading a book, and Spike, who was passed out next to Whistler. Then she looked next to her at Drusilla, who was staring out the window. "Quite a view," Buffy said. Dru turned and looked at her.

"Yeah. It's beautiful. I've never flown this high," Drusilla said then turned to look out the window again. Buffy pulled out her diary from the bag near her feet and took one last glance at the mesmerized vampire. With a small chuckle, she opened it to a new page and began to write.

November 22, 1999

Well, it's been more than a year since I've been home. Now that I've finally adjusted to working for the Watcher's Council and working with the only two vampires with souls on the planet they throw this at me! I can't believe they're making me go back. I wonder what they'll say when they see me.

I hope Willow's still into witchcraft. Whistler found a great book for me to give her; he mentioned something about having a de-werewolf spell in there too. That'd be great. I wonder what they'll do when I leave again. It's not like I have anything there to look forward to. It's not like Angel's there or anything.

Angel. God I miss him. I wonder if he ever found out why I had to do what I did to him. I hope he did. If he didn't, well, I don't want to think about that.

The overhead light signaling that seatbelts were to be on dinged and the captain's voice came on over the intercom.

"We're now arriving at Los Angeles International Airport. Please put your seatbelts on and make sure all seat backs and tray tables are in their upright and locked positions. Please turn off all electronics while we descend onto the runway. The weather is currently clear and temperatures are at 68 degrees. We hope you enjoy your stay in L.A., please fly Norwest Airlines again." His voice clicked off and Buffy looked at the others.

"Well, I guess I'll jump off that bridge when I get to it," she whispered quietly as the plane landed. "That's all I can do."


Giles put away his diary and his earlier conversation with Daniel Slye, a fellow Watcher and friend, ran through his head.

"Rupert, I know you've been looking for your Slayer for quite some time now," he had said. Giles nodded even though Daniel couldn't see him.

"No, actually, since the arrival of Mya, we've stopped." is how Giles had replied. The young watcher sounded surprised to hear this.

"You don't want to know where she is?" he had asked. Giles swallowed hard and tried to think of a way to describe what he felt.

"We do, but, we've adapted to living without her."

"You do know about the prophecy, right?" That question had caught Giles off-guard. Yes, he knew about it, but he also knew there wasn't enough fire power in Sunnydale to take care of it.

"Yes, I know about it. But the others don't." Giles said quietly. He couldn't help but look up to see if Mya was standing angrily over him. When he had said Buffy was going to die, she was not happy that he kept it from her. He had no choice but to keep it from them. If he told them they might do something stupid, then he'd have even less fighters than he already had.

"Well," the other watcher had continued. "I know where she is." Giles had to blink a few times to let it sink in.


"Buffy, I know where she is," Daniel had said. Giles shook his head remembering the way he had to practically pick his chin up off of the floor.

"Where?" was he had been able to manage to gasp out.

"Right now? She's somewhere over the Rocky Mountains," he had said. "The Council decided to send help for the prophecy, seeing it's as serious as it is. They've had a small group together for a while. Two vampires that they ensouled, I believe you know them. Spike and Dru. Well, that's what Whistler called them. Sit N' Spin and Dru according to Buffy. The Council has been sending them around the world to help keep humanity safe. And now the Council is sending them there."

"So why are you telling me?" Giles asked.

"Because I thought you should know. To prepare your Slayer to meet her...sister in battle. I haven't told Buffy about the new Slayer, but I do believe she knows already. If she doesn't, well, she didn't strike me as the type who plays well with others."

"Thank you," Giles said. "I must go, I'll tell the others right away. Thank you Daniel, this could be of great help to us."

"Your welcome watcher. Oh, and Rupert. She's still wounded from her previous experiences in Sunnydale. It wouldn't be the most wise thing to do, hurting her more. The last thing this world needs is a hysterical Slayer who can't do her job." Giles took that in and when Daniel didn't continue, he had opened his mouth to speak. Only to hear the dull sound of the dial tone.

After coming out of his haze, he picked up the phone again and dialed a familiar number.

"Hello? Werewolves are us, Willow speaking," the answering voice said. Giles smiled a bit at the irony of her introduction.

"Hello Willow, it's Giles," he started.

"The others are here, all but Mya and Angel; they're on patrol. We can be there in less than ten minutes. Bye." Willow hung up and so did Giles. He shook his head then tapped his pen impatiently on the table, knowing that Angel and Mya were to show up soon. As if on cue, the doors opened and the two tall brunettes walked into the library.

"Hey Giles," Mya said cheerfully. Angel smiled his greeting and set down their bag of slaying supplies. Giles wondered briefly how much Angel thought about Buffy.

"Hello. How was patrol?" he asked, his voice almost mechanical. Mya looked at him weird.

"Okay Giles, what's up?" she asked. *The Slayer who's life you've taken over and replaced is returning to Sunnydale to find that her love is now out of love with her and in love with you,* he answered in his mind.

"There's a new prophecy," is the way he answered. At the quiet shock of the others, he continued. "It's not exactly the most promising either. I don't think it's going to turn out well."

"Do you know the details of it?" Angel asked. Giles nodded.

"Let's wait until the others get here, shall we?" Giles said. Angel took a small step towards Mya, and stood towering over her protectively. *Oh Angel,* Giles thought. *If only you knew already. If only you knew.* Giles was happy to find that he wasn't going to wait long until the others got there. They arrived almost immediately. One by one, the rest of the Slayerettes trooped into the library.

"Hey Giles." Willow and Oz greeted him.

"G-man," Xander said smiling. Cordelia just studied her nails. Taking in a deep breath, Giles prepared what he was going to tell them.

"You, uh, you may want to sit down," he started. All smiled were lost and the room grew uncomfortably silent. Quietly, Willow and Oz sat on the stairs while Cordelia, Mya, and Xander took the table. Angel leaned against the cage and looked at Giles expectantly.

"So, what's going on?" Willow asked.

"There's a prophecy." he answered. "And Mya's not strong enough to win."

"What do you mean I'm not strong enough?" Mya demanded.

"I mean that you'll end up getting yourself killed." Giles replied calmly. Angel decided to step in and prevent Mya from attacking Giles.

"What's the prophecy?" he asked.

"The end of the world," Giles muttered. The room fell silent until a new voice boomed from the door.

"The end of the world? Is that all ducks? Bloody hell, if I'd a known that was all it was, I ne'er would've bothered." Spike half-growled, half-whined from the doorway at Drusilla.

"Spike," Whistler hissed. Then he looked up at Giles and Angel. "Hey watcher, Angel buddy. How's life on the Hellmouth?" Giles noticed the way the three stood, almost as if they were hiding something.

"Okay Giles, what is the Billy Idol wannabe and the nut-case doing here?" Xander asked.

"I am not a nut-case," Dru said dangerously. "I'm here to save your sorry ass, so don't even go there."

"Oh yeah, well, make me," Xander hissed.

"Willow says kick his ass," she replied. Xander's eyes grew wide and his mouth clamped shut. Mya moved closer to Giles and fingered a stake.

"Who are they?" she asked.

"Vampires." Angel said. Mya took a few steps forward with her stake.

"Don't do that," Buffy called out from behind Spike. Mya froze with curiosity as a small blonde in black leather pants, dark red halter-top, with a black coat draped over her stepped out into view.

"Why not?" Mya asked. Buffy chuckled.

"Cause if you do, I might have to kill you," she replied. As soon as she was satisfied Mya was stunned enough, Buffy let her eyes wander around. She checked on Willow, Oz, Xander, Cordelia, and Giles. They seemed to be healthy and of the living. Deciding they were fine, she noticed there was someone else in the room. She turned her head slightly and her green eyes fell onto a familiar sight. Angel. He was leaning against the cage in an outfit not that dissimilar from Buffy's; black leather pants, a dark red dress shirt, and a long black trench coat. *Oh, my god,* she thought. *Oh my god.*


Chapter Two, The Realization

Buffy's entire mind was whirling. There, right in front of her, was Angel. The man that she loved utterly and completely; the man she ran through with a sword. She swallowed hard and a new sensation ran through her body. One of warning, of danger. Her newly enhanced Slayer's sense was going nuts. Ignoring the weird looks she was receiving, she closed her eyes and concentrated. Vampires were close and they were moving farther away in a group.

"Dru?" she asked, turning slightly so she wasn't facing Angel anymore. "Something's wrong. I can feel it. Something's going on."

"I know, I can see something," the confused vampire muttered. She looked at Whistler. "I thought the prophecy wasn't supposed to start for another week or so." Whistler frowned and nodded. "Yeah. Not another week. What are you two picking up on the radar?" he asked. Buffy and Drusilla's eyes met for a moment and they answered simultaneously.


"Well, obviously, but where?" Spike said. The four were now consulting each other, and everyone else in the library looked on in great curiosity. *They work well as a team,* Giles thought. *But will they be able to handle us with them?*

"I'm not sure," Drusilla started.

"But they're heading away from the school," Buffy finished. Quickly thinking of a plan, Buffy took charge of the situation. "We'll need to find out where they're going, and fast. Then we'll hit them, and hard."

"Okay, let's move," Whistler said.

"We're going with," Angel said. "If it's big, you'll need back-up."

"We'll be fine without you, Peaches," Spike hissed.

"Spike!" Buffy scolded. The bleached-blonde vampire visibly jumped a small bit and looked apologetically at Buffy. "If you can manage on your own, then come. If you need me to baby-sit, then don't bother," Buffy said to the others. Angel merged from the others and into Buffy's group, Mya followed Angel and soon did the others.

"Oh this is going to be great fun," Whistler mumbled. Then louder, "Hey Angel-buddy, can you do better than three rounds with a fruit fly?"

"I don't know, you trained me," Angel replied. Buffy looked at Whistler with a raised eyebrow then went into full Slayer mode.

"We need to move, and now," she said and then headed out of the doors. Spike and Dru followed behind her, and the others brought up the rear.

"Oh yeah, tons of fun," Whistler repeated as he let the library doors swing behind him.


As they neared the Bronze, Buffy felt the fledgling long before any of the others even saw him. She took off in a trot and Spike and Dru moved silently behind her. Angel watched Buffy's movements and knew when she sensed the vampire almost immediately. He could see how her body moved through the dark with predatory gracefulness and how she was totally focused on her surroundings. He glanced over at Mya, who was just doing what he was doing. She didn't look around. Where he went, she followed. And if they happened upon a vampire, it seemed almost as if he always made the first move. That wasn't right. *What did I see in her?* Angel asked himself about Mya.

"AH!" Angel snapped out of his haze to see a young fledgling be slammed against an alley wall by Buffy.

"What do you know," she hissed. Spike stood to her left and Drusilla to her right, both of them had their game faces on and were growling a low warning to the vampire.

"About what?" the young vampire asked feebly. He obviously wasn't used to this kind of enemy and knew Buffy was stronger than he.

"Where are the others?" Buffy almost growled. "Where the hell are they?!"

"I don't..." he started to reply. Buffy tightened her grip around the vampire's throat and pulled out a stake. "The Bronze! They're planning an attack to help for the prophecy. The Slayer isn't as strong as the last one..." He stopped when he noticed Mya near by.

"Do you know who I am?" Buffy asked quietly. He nodded. "Who do you work for? And if you lie to me, I'll peel off your skin like a banana peel."

"Trick. I work for Mr. Trick." the vampire muttered. Buffy dropped him onto the ground and looked at Spike and Dru with confusion.

"Trick...didn't he work for Kekistoes?" Buffy asked. Spike nodded. "I thought he was dead."

"I told you there was no guarantee that the blast killed all of them," Whistler said. Buffy nodded and turned around, plunging a stake into the fledgling's back.

"Let's get going, they'll start feeding soon," she said and then turned to head to the Bronze. The rest of them followed and Mya tapped Angel on the arm.

"What?" he whispered.

"Who is she?" Mya asked. Angel looked sadly at Buffy and sighed.

"Ask her," he replied and picked up his pace a little.


Buffy's pace slowed as she neared the Bronze and she surveyed the area. From the ways to get in, she knew they were going to have to spit up. Quickly, she glanced back at the others and drew in a deep breath. She was used to giving orders to Spike, Dru, and Whistler, but what about the others? She had sent them to their deaths enough when she was there before...what about now?

"There's two ways to get in," she started.

"Well, three if you count the sky-light," Angel said. She looked at him with a dangerous look that she immediately wanted to take back. She turned her gaze from him and looked at her team.

"Three ways to get in. Spike, you take the rear. Dru, you and Whistler take the front. I'll surprise them from the roof." She looked at the Bronze and then at them again. "Shall we?"

"What about us?" Giles asked. Buffy froze then looked at him.

"I'm not in charge of you guys. Do what you want," she replied evenly.

"Yeah, but you're leading this attack. We should know what to do so we don't get in the way or something," Oz pointed out. "We don't want to get the wrong end of the stake." Buffy thought for a moment then nodded.

"Okay. Xander, you and Cordelia take the back with Spike. Dru, you go with them. The rest of you, go with Whistler." She looked for protests then started to climb to the roof.

"Why should I take orders from you?" Mya asked suddenly.

"Mya," Angel whispered.

"Why?" Mya asked again, ignoring Angel. Buffy faced her and annoyance flashed over her features.

"I don't give a flying leap what you do," Buffy shot back.

"Then why are you leading this little crusade? I'm the Slayer, I should." Mya retorted. Buffy shook her head and snorted.

"I should have known. You're Faith's replacement."

"Who's Faith?" Mya asked.

"The Slayer before you. I was there when she died. Kekistoes got her before I could get across the factory. I killed him for it though. And if Whistler here hadn't stopped me, I would've killed Dru on sight."

"Why?" Mya asked again.

"She killed Kendra...her demon did anyway." Buffy looked at Drusilla and smiled. "But she's not the same monster anymore. I trust her with my life." With another annoyed look at Mya, she finished. "Can we save these people now? The vamps aren't going to sit around forever."

"Who are you?" Mya demanded.

"Mya, you've been the Slayer for how long now?"

"Seven and a half months." Buffy nodded.

"Well, in '97, there was this one Slayer who went to kill the Master here. She ended up drowning in a small pool of water, but two of her friends rescued her. During that time, Kendra was called. She was the Slayer before Faith. You've been the Slayer for seven and a half months now. Congratulations. That's difficult to do on the Hellmouth." She turned to climb up to the roof again and this time, didn't listen to Mya when she asked her who she was again. Angel started up after Buffy.

"She never answered my question," Mya complained. Angel looked down at the Slayer and realized he knew who she reminded him of. The gypsy that he had killed and was then cursed with his soul because of. The one who was dumb as a post.

"She's that Slayer Mya," he called down her. "Her friends were me and Xander."

"Oh," Mya replied as Angel continued to climb up to Buffy's side. Then she remembered something Willow had told her. Angel had been in love with the Slayer before Kendra. He had been in love with Buffy and probably still was. "Oh," she repeated, much more quietly.

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