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By Monica Vanessa Martinez

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Summary: A woman being chased by her ex seeks shelter in the abandoned Hyperion, only to find out it's not abandoned.
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Thalia walked the streets alone. She couldn't let him find her. I'm as good as dead if he does, she thought. Just then she came across what she thought was her saving grace.

It was the old Hyperion Hotel. A white elephant, it hadn't been used in years. She thought, I can hide out here if only for tonight. Thalia slipped in the front doors and felt a sudden uneasiness. Why isn't the room covered in dust and cobwebs? The furniture is new and in good shape. Someone has been using this place, she thought out loud.

She walked over to a wood case. Through the glass of the case she could see various weapons, I have to get out of here, she thought. Just then a hand fell upon her shoulder. She screamed, turned and fainted at the sight before her.

"I didn't do anything Angel-cakes," The Host, better known as Lorne protested.

"Then why is there a passed-out girl on the floor?" Gunn pointed out.

"Look I came in from the garden and saw her skulking around the weapons chest. I tapped her on the shoulder, she screamed and fainted. I don't know why," Lorne explained.

"Gee," Gunn began sarcastically, "maybe it's cause you're green and have horns."

"Charles," Fred scolded out loud and then thought to herself, Gunn hasn't been himself lately.

"OK," Angel butted in before a fight ensued, "Lorne hide. I don't need her to faint before I can question her. Fred, can you get some aspirins and make some tea. Wesley and Gunn let's get her upstairs." With that everyone went into action.

Thalia came to. She found herself in a room Oh God did that thing carry me up here? she thought. Suddenly a handsome man appeared through the door.

"Well look what we have. She's awake," the man said in a thick British accent.

Then another man, good looking but not as good looking as the first appeared in the door way behind the Brit.

"Cool I'll get Angel," said the handsome black man. But there was something about him that Thalia couldn't place.

"I'm here," Angel said before the second man could turn to go get him.

Hey this Angel person is kind of hot... well, in a brooding sort of way. Thalia began to feel uneasy. Three of them one of her... So not fair, she thought, especially since they all have very fit physiques. She wished she'd taken that karate class, But no, I had to take ballet.

The man with the British accent approached the bed slowly, noting that she was scared. "I'm Wesley. That's Charles Gunn, Gunn for short and that would be Angel. The girl that'll bring in the tea is Winifred. Fred for short," Wes made the introductions.

"We found you on the floor by um... Angel's... um we... sell antiques," Gunn bumbled out.

Thalia stared at the men. Had they wanted to they could have hurt her while she was passed out and she never would have woken up. But I did wake up, she thought. She decided to make a go of it. "I'm Thalia Muñoz."

"Well Thalia, I'm Angel, and I'd like to ask you some questions."

Skeptical at first, she sized Angel up. She's looking at me as if she'll find the answer hidden in my face, Angel thought.

Thalia spoke suddenly, "For some reason, I don't know, I trust you three. I mean serial killers usually are white male, and loners. They usually don't live with women either. Unless it's their mother. So judging with the sweet lady you live with, the one that brought me the tea. I'd say I can trust you."

This girl must have been really spooked to run into what she thought to be an abandoned hotel, Wes thought to himself. Angel was the one who got everyone back on track.

"Thalia. My question."

"Ah yes the question," Thalia said and then took a sip of the tea Fred brought her, "are you ready for a story?"

"...so when I saw that green demon guy I got spooked. I thought he was going to take me to Ryan," Thalia finished the story.

"Well," Wesley began, "It's our duty to inform you that Lorne, uh the green demon guy, is our friend and ally. He has helped us through many a peril."

"And some of our perils he's caused," Gunn said. Angel shot him a look. 'So Gunn has grief with Wes, and with Green guy. But does he have any grief with Angel?'

"Ok so the guy you were dating is a powerful businessman here in L.A. But he's crooked. He has been using mystical powers to make his business soar. But you found out about the magic. Now he's sending his demon army after you because what you know could destroy him. So you ran away, with only the clothes on your back, and the hope he'd never find you," Angel retold the story Thalia had just spent an hour and half telling.

"And this," she pulled out a medallion that looked not only valuable but powerful.

"Ok," Angel said then exited the room. Gunn followed but Wes lingered a bit.

Wesley thought, She is just beautiful. She was wearing tight fitting jeans and an oversized sweatshirt. She'd obviously been trying to run away quickly, she had nothing else with her, "If anyone can protect you, it's Angel," he said finally. As he turned to leave she got scared.

"Wait, um sorry, I'm sure you have things to do but I don't want to be alone here. I mean it's nice of you guys to let me stay but this place is so big and creepy and well... I'm afraid that Ryan will find me and even if I scream you'd never even hear me," Thalia babbled. She was terrified, Wesley realized.

"Trust me. Angel has the best hearing - practically superhuman. He'll hear Ryan before he even steps foot in the hotel," Wesley exited. Did Thalia want me to stay?

I wanted him to stay.

Because if she did, Wesley thought, I would have.

It was the middle of the night and all appeared peaceful. Angel's vamp senses told him everyone was asleep except Wesley. Angle made his way to his friend room. He tapped on the door. "Come in," Wesley called. Seeing that it was Angel the somewhat happy expression dimmed.

"You seem disappointed," Angel noted.

"I was expecting Thalia," Wesley said and than began to babble, "Not that I hoped she's be in trouble or anything. And certainly not that I thought she'd call to me... she's not like that it's simply... "

"You just want to see her," Angel finished for Wesley.

"Yes," Wesley admitted, "she is beautiful. And she has some strength in her. It takes a lot of courage to do what she's done."

"What, leave Ryan?" Angel asked.

"Well no. And yes that took courage. That and taking the medallion and trusting us and asking for help and... "

"Everything she does is wonderful," Angel once again completed for Wesley.

"I must sound like a love sick fool," Wesley confided.

"Yes you do, and it is comforting. Maybe this way you and Gunn can stop fighting over Fred," Angel said. Suddenly there was a scream. Both men looked at each other and spoke at once, "Thalia."

They ran out of the room. I hope she's ok, Wesley mentally prayed as they ran towards the scream, I shouldn't have left her.

When they reached the door and switched on the light Gunn was already there, holding Thalia.

What happened, Thalia thought. Her mind whirled, It was a nightmare. But who's holding me?

"Wesley?" Thalia asked into the darkness of the room.

"No it's Gunn," Gunn answered then elaborated, "I just didn't think you should be alone tonight. Just in case." That was when Angel and Wesley ran in.

"What the bloody hell is going on here?" Wesley said angered at the sight of yet another one of the women he had feelings for winding up in Gunn's arms.

"Hell's not bloody... it's more fire and ash... " Angel said and met everyone's eyes, "Just trying to lighten the mood."

"Well I'm sorry to have frightened you all. It was just a dream. A bad one at that, but well, it was just a dream," Thalia explained.

"Well just the same you shouldn't be alone," Angel expressed.

"I'll stay," Gunn and Wesley said at the same time. Preventing the inevitable fight, Angel stepped in, "I'll stay, Gunn. You've been watching her all night and Wes you haven't slept. Both of you need to rest. I've got the last watch."

"Angel may I see you in private?" Wesley said as he motioned for them to leave. With that the two men exited.

Why is he still holding me? Thalia thought when she realized that Gunn was still holding on to her.

My plan is going well. Divide and conquer. Divide Angel Investigations... Conquer Thalia, thought Ryan as he held Thalia close to his black skin. Even I can't believe that this body switching spell worked so well. No one will ever figure out I'm not Charles Gunn.

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