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Remember Me

By Monica V. Martinez

Summary: Gunn bonds with Bo. Connor's return tests Fred and Angel.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, the characters aren't mine, blah, blah, blah. Please don't sue.
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"Fred," Angel banged on the shut bedroom door, "Fred open up."

"Dad?" Connor interrupted from behind him.

"Fred," Angel went on.

"Dad," Connor said once again. Angel spun around quickly and grabbed Connor by the collar.

Angel whispered in a soft and angry voice, "You're not supposed to be here, I went through hell and back to give you a home and a real family, to get you away from me. You shouldn't be here."

Angel released his son.

"Well, dad I'm here what are you going to do with me now," Connor asked.

"Send you back to your real parents," Angel said and pushed his son towards the lobby, trying to make him exit.

"No," Connor said fighting back with the fierce strength that Angel had become so proud of. Connor continued, "You're my real parent."

As Angel dragged Connor down stairs Fred appeared at the top of the stairs. "Angel," she yelled. He stopped. Fred went on, "Let him stay. He's your son. You can't turn him away." The couple maintained eye contact. "Come with me. I'll get you set up in a room," Fred told the boy.

"Fred, you don't remember me?" Connor asked.

"Do I know you?" she asked.

Connor looked at his father. Angel answered the internal question, "They don't remember you, Connor. I'm the only one who knows about you."

Fred broke in, unsure, "Connor?" He looked at her. When he did Fred had a mental flash. She was holding a baby. Somehow she knew the baby was Connor. Snapping to it Fred spoke, "Come with me, I'll take you to a room. Angel, get Wesley but leave Gunn alone. He's spending time with his daughter. And call Lorne, he's out of town but we need him back ASAP."

"Gunn has a daughter?" Connor asked.

"Come Connor," Fred said.

"Fred," Connor said, "I used to live here. I know where my room is. Besides you can't remember me - how are you going to remember where my room is?"

"I'm sorry, Connor I just don't remember." Connor looked sadly at Fred then at his father. He turned and trudged up the stairs and went towards his old room.


"Ok then," Fred started, "If you made the deal with Wolfram and Hart then why do I remember?"

"Well, you don't remember everything Fred. That should mean something," Wesley stepped in.

"Lorne," Angel began.

"Sorry Angel-Cakes last time I read something my brain was sucked out," Lorne protested over the speakerphone in Angel's office.

"Yeah, Lorne, but now I'm Wolfram and Hart. If you do, do it you're safe. If you don't do it I'll suck your brain out." Angel demanded.

"Dad, I don't want to sing for Lorne," Connor protested. Wesley stepped in as mediator.

"Connor there is no other way."

"Right there was no other way when you kidnapped me. Causing me to fall into the hands of an evil man who took me to a hell dimension where I grew up away from my father," Connor said.

"Connor," Angel said sharply. "They don't remember."

"I would never... I would never hurt Angel that way," Wesley told Connor.

"Well you did!" Connor yelled.

"Angel," Wesley said questioningly.

"Wes, you were tricked," Angel said softly as if the softness of his voice would make it easier for Wes to take.

Wesley remained silent.

"I'm sorry, Wes" Connor said realizing the pain he caused, "I forget that you all don't remember. But it's ok - I was really awful to you all at one point. That's why dad sent me away. He thought with a different life I'd learn how to love people. Right dad?" At the word 'Dad' Fred's memory flashed again.

"You never used to call him dad. You used to call him Angel," Fred explained. Everyone just stared at her.

"Fred?" Angel asked.

"I... I'm going to lie down," Fred made her way upstairs. Angel followed. Fred reached her door and Angel called out to her.

"Fred." She turned around and landed in Angel's arms.

"Why me? Why do I remember is there something wrong with me?" Fred cried.

"I... I... I don't know," Angel answered when he realized that he couldn't say no. Angel held Fred and stroked her hair as she cried. Connor watched from behind. Deep in his heart he'd honestly hoped that returning back home would improve the lives of those around him. He realized that he was wrong.

"No one even remembers me, much less missed me," Connor said.


Gunn and his daughter had spent their day at the zoo. When they arrived back at the Hyperion Connor was in the lobby, looking sad.

"Bo, go up stairs," Gunn told his daughter as she trotted up the stairs. "Hey man, what's up... uh Connor is it," Gunn asked the boy.

"Damn it, you know that's my name," Connor said angrily. "At least you did," Connor said more softly.

"Hey man it's hard. When your real family is hidden from you, you just don't know where to start. But take it from me anger isn't the way to go. I could have been so pissed off at Brooke for not telling me the truth about Bo but I realized that all that matters it that Bo's here now."

"Great advice and all but it's not that. I see dad and Fred getting in these fights and I see her in all this pain because she's the only one who remembers me and I just wish I'd never came back. I'm what's generated all this pain," Connor explained.

"Connor, man it's just... " Gunn paused looking for the right words but Connor cut in.

"It's just I don't belong anywhere," Connor yelled as he turned to run out the door. A strong grip and a loving hand stopped Connor.

"You belong here," Angel told his son.

"With us," completed Fred.


After a week of traveling, Lorne returned. "You should have been there, all these big stars... all Wolfram and Hart clients. Angel-cakes did you know that Elvis had a contract with Wolfram and Hart?"

"He still does," Fred began, "according to lab reports I've read he seems to have been cloned. How else could there be so many sightings around the world?"

" I told him not to take that deal but did the King ever listen to me? NO!" Angel said.

"HELLO," Connor stepped in. "I know that you all work together and have shop talk to do but um Fred has memories that only my dad should have."

After three hours and hundreds of songs, Fred, Connor and Angel had almost sung out their voices. Yet there was still no reading that Lorne could pick up. "Angel-Cakes all I get is what I've been getting. Connor has done a presto-change-o into this person who now feels love and can give it. He loves you and wants to be with you, his real father. Fred is in normal health but is afraid she's going to die because she is the only one that has these visions. You love your son and are worried about Fred. And the icing on the angel-cake of your life... I see a happy family, coming out of this. There is nothing wrong," Lorne announced to the whole gang.

"Then why is this happening to me. I remember everything now. I remember Connor trying to kill Angel. I remember Angel loving Connor no matter what. I remembered Connor sending Angel to the bottom of the ocean. I remember that awful cage. And the coldness inside it." Fred said sparking Wesley's genius. Wesley jumped up when he got the idea.

"Fred you never saw the cage. The only ones to ever see it were Angel, Connor and myself when I rescued him. How could you remember that?"

"How did you know it was cold," Angel asked, "you weren't there with me." Fred looked more scared then she ever had.

Wesley ran to the office.

"Gunn, Angel have either of you seen my red leather bound spell book. The one with the silver lettering?" he called from the office.

"Here it is," said Bo. Gunn took the book from his daughter.

"Bo, why'd you take it?"

"I heard you praying, talking to mommy telling her that you wish you could have been there for my first steps, wishing that you could have seen me be born. So I took the hair brush by your bed and made this spell," she pointed to a spell in the book.

"Well that explains it all," Wesley said picking up the book, "It calls for a lock of hair. It's a spell that can make true loves share memories. The brush must have been Fred's and since Angel's her true love, she began to share all his memories." Wesley realized what he had said, "Angel is Fred's true love, and Fred must be his, for the spell to work." The couple gazed at each other. They stepped closer to each other and kissed.

While the kiss continued Bo spoke up, "I thought it was kinda funny that there were so many long hairs on your brush, daddy, since you don't have hair." Everyone, including the two true lovebirds began to laugh at Bo's innocence.

"Lorne was right: there was a big happy family that ensued from the big mess at the Hyperion Hotel. Angel and his true love Fred lived, loved, and worked together. They continued to raise Connor and considered him theirs. Connor made a great big brother type for Bo. Bo had her father Gunn and uncles Lorne, Wesley, and Angel, plus the feminine touches of her favorite Aunt Fred. Life and the Angel Investigation/Wolfram and Hart family were complete. But of course only after Wesley corrected the spell. And now they all remember me."

-Connor Angel

The End?

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