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Daddies at a Distance

By Monica V. Martinez

Summary: A woman from Gunn's past appears with a child. And that's not the only surprise return.
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Angel walked through the gardens at night. He could smell the jasmine in the air. It took him back to the night he was out in the garden with Jasmine, his granddaughter. He remembered making the deal with Wolfram and Hart. The deal that gave his son a home and family, but made everyone who ever knew him, except Angel, forget him.

Angel was lost in memories and the quiet night, until... "Help me. Help me, sir help me," said a woman in distress. Angel walked over to the African American woman who was carrying a child. "My daughter, help her, help her." Angel took the child and carried her inside the Hyperion Hotel. The screaming mother followed.

Wesley, I need a first aid kit! Angel yelled into the office area. Wesley peered through the window and went to go get the kit. Angel laid the child down on a couch and listened for breathing and a heartbeat. Relieved, Angel found both. He looked over the child's injuries. She couldn't have been more than six years old; she probably had a broken wrist and bruised ribs. "Who did this?" Angel asked the woman, who was no longer there.

Wesley walked in with the first aid kit. "What happened?" Wesley asked. "I don't know some lady brought her in, now the woman is gone. This child has been abused, a lot," Angel returned.

Angel looked down with sadness at the child as she lay in bed sleeping. Fred walked in, "I brought her a blanket and this old teddy bear of mine." "Thanks," Angel said his eyes not leaving the girl. "No word from the mother?" Angel asked before Fred could leave.

She walked over to him. She stood behind him looking at the child. "No. Angel we'll find out who did this to her," Fred promised. "It's sad that there are human monsters out there; I can stake vampires but how do I deal with this." Fred placed her hand on Angel's shoulder.

Since their one kiss, Fred and Angel had grown closer and closer. No one in the gang suspected anything but it was getting harder and harder to hide their feelings. Angel finally looked at her. Fred leaned her head down and kissed him gently on the lips.

There was a knock on the door. They parted their kiss just in time for Gunn to walk in. "How is she," Gunn asked with genuine concern as he looked down at the girl for the first time. Just then the little girl stirred. Groggily she woke up. She looked around and when she saw Gunn she jumped into his arms. "Daddy!"

There was a stunned silence in the room as Gunn regaled the group with the story of his first love, Brooke. Charles Gunn had just finished high school and fell in love with the young girl who lived in the apartment next door to his. Brooke Smith was only 17 at the time. After a year and half of dating Brooke announced that she was having Gunn's baby.

Two days later she disappeared. No one, not even her parents knew where to find her. Judging from the age of the girl and the story it could be likely that she was in fact Gunn's daughter. But how would the child know Gunn as her father.

It's time to talk to her, Angel stood up after the story. "No," Gunn said defensive, "Angel man sometimes, sometimes you just know. But if you insist I'll do the asking." Gunn made his way upstairs. Fred stepped in front of him, "Why didn't you tell me?" "Fred, I didn't know," Gunn tried to explain. "Obviously you did know if you realize now that she could be yours," Fred stormed into Angel's office and slammed the door.

Gunn tapped on the door to his possible daughter's room. "HI!!" the girl chirped excitedly. Gunn sat on the edge of the bed. "What's your name?" Gunn asked. "Bo," she said simply. "Bo Gunn?" Gunn asked. She laughed, "no silly, Bo Smith."

Back in the office Angel was trying to calm Fred. "Fred, honey, listen..." Angel pleaded. "No he lied. He lied to me. And he hid it from me. How dare he hide something like this from me," Fred rambled. Angel broke in; "you're lying to him about us. You're hiding our relationship from him." "Yeah Angel but me and him aren't together now. We were then," Fred said and left.

Fred left the office just as Gunn was coming down stairs. Their eyes met. "She gave me this," Gunn said holding up a picture as Angel followed out of the office. The picture was of a woman and Gunn taken about five or six years ago.

Angel took the picture and looked at it. Fred moved closer to Angel for the sole purpose of getting a better look at the picture but Gunn felt his anger rising a bit. Angel flipped over the picture, pretending not to know Gunn's anger. Brooke and Gunn 1995. Underneath the feminine writing were a child's scribbles, mommy and daddy.

I'll call the lab from the firm and get a DNA test done, Angel said and moved to make the phone call. "No need," said a female voice. It was the woman from the picture. "Brooke," Gunn said breathlessly.

Everyone just started at her. "No Gunn unfortunately you aren't her father. My husband is. See I wanted to pass off the baby as yours, if I were pregnant, I would have to marry. But my mom found out that Carl, that's my husband, was the father. She made me marry him. That's why I left without another word. I knew it'd break your heart," she said looking at Gunn.

So life went on as normal while I was pregnant. She was born and things got weird. Carl got us into a coven of witches. They are very peaceful people. Carl is not. After a while he'd beat her. He wouldn't even lay a hand on me. But always her and he said if I told anyone he'd kill her. It's one thing to risk my life but I couldn't risk Bo's too. So I asked around the old neighborhood and they told me you lived her and worked at Wolfram and Hart. So when I had a chance to sneak out I brought Bo. Then I went back until Carl fell asleep. I can't stay long, but please. Please you have to take care of her Mr. Angel, explained Brooke.

Brooke turned to Gunn, "She thinks that you're her father, adopt her as your own. She loves you. Please she can't go back to that house." Fred finally spoke up, "neither can you." Everyone looked at her puzzled. The one lie held during her and Gunn's relationship was standing right there. "Thank you for your concern. But I'll be safe." Wesley being the voice of reason spoke up, "How so?" "He can't hurt me. I'm the one person that can kill him."

Puzzled but not wanting to ask the gang exchanged glances. Angel finally spoke, "what?" "It's hard to explain. I'm a witch and he is a warlock for lack of better words. He has betrayed the coven's law of violence. Now he must be removed from our order." "You're a witch?" Gunn asked. Wesley stepped in "the only way to remove someone is to kill them in..." "Battle," Angel completed. "What if you lose?" Fred asked. "Another member of the coven must battle him. The cycle repeats until he is defeated or the coven is no more." "What about Bo?" Gunn asked.

That's why I needed her to be out of the way. I needed to know that if I don't come back... she'd have a home here. I hope, Brooke said sadly at the thought of not seeing her daughter. "She does," Fred said.

Weeks had past and no one had heard from Brooke. Bo went on with her normal happy life. Gunn was content being a father and Fred was like a big sister. Wesley was Uncle Wes. Bo wasn't even sacred of Lorne. Angel told the bed time stories. It was one big happy family.

Then one day a man walked into the offices at Wolfram and Hart. "I'm looking for Angel," he said. "Let me see if the boss is in," said a receptionist. "I'm here," Angel said walking into the office just as he was being asked for. "Here's a message from Brooke," the man handed Angel a paper.

The man who delivered this is Carl. I'm being held prisoner as he takes out the members of my coven one by one. He knows me too well. He knows I will sacrifice my life but that the true torture is seeing others fall before me. Help my people and me. Brooke, Angel read aloud to the gang once they were assembled in his office.

We have to save her, Gunn said stating the obvious. "But how can we save her if he knows that we are the ones coming to save her, we lose the element of surprise," Wesley stated. "He's got a point. Angel what do you think we should do," Fred said. Gunn's anger rose. This was his deal, people he knew, why was she asking Angel?

Simple, research first. Wesley find out all you can about the coven, this man, and Brooke. Think of possible places he might have taken her. Then we have to secure Bo. Fred I want you to go to the lab, Angel said. "Ok then what?" Fred asked. "Get your things, get the girl and get out of town," Angel finished. "No! what..." Fred began. "Gunn go with Wesley and map out a plan of attack once we have the information we need call me. We're going in," Angel finished. The two men left, but Fred stayed behind.

I can fight and you know it. You were the one that taught me how, Fred pleaded. "That's why I'm leaving you with Bo," Angel said. Fred was a bit confused so he went on, "I don't know how strong this man's powers are. He might be able to take out Wesley, Gunn and me in a single snap of his fingers. If that happens I want to know that there is someone with the girl that can fight and protect her. That's you." "You'll come back Angel," Fred said realizing that Angel didn't think he could win this. "You have to," she whispered, "because I love you."

Fred was looking straight into Angel eyes. "I love you, too," he whispered in return. He moved closer to her and they kissed. Gunn walked in, he cleared his throat. "Angel we're ready," Gunn said simply but full of anger. "Dammit," Fred cursed softly, "I like the old days when research took days before we could make a move." "Me too," Angel said, kissed her hard and passionately and then exited.

When Angel pass the doors Gunn gave him a look of pure anger. He still loved Fred. Gunn was closing the door behind Angel. Fred spoke to him, "Bring him back to me, Charles." Gunn closed the door. Now he had to focus on Brooke.

Fred made her way towards the doors of the Hyperion Hotel. Just as she was about to reach the door someone stepped out of the bushes and hit her over the head and knocking her out.

Fred came to inside the hotel. She was tied to a chair. She realized that there were two other people tied up with her. One was Brooke who was badly beaten and not even moving. The other was Bo, who was knocked out but appeared unharmed. "Well hello there, Winifred. I'm Carl. Don't believe we've met. I'm Brooke's husband and Bo's father," Carl said. "And if I'm correct you're Angel's love interest. You look tense," he said as she tried to get out of her restraints. "Right about now they are walking into a death trap. Does that comfort you?" Carl said

Wesley and Angel were keeping watch of the hotel. "Man Angel why are were here? We should be out looking for Brooke," Gunn complained. Just then Fred appeared. And right after that Carl appeared and hit Fred over the head. At that Angel was about to jump out of the car in the middle of the day. "Angel," Wesley held him back, "stick to the plan."

Angel drove his car around to a shaded entrance to the hotel. The guys took the car and went around to their spots. Angel burst threw the back door of the Hyperion. Carl spun around and looked at Angel. Carl pulled out a crossbow and shot at Angel. The shot missed the heart but stung into Angel's shoulder. Angel pulled it out, holding in a flinch. "Carl I'm a vampire. That's like shooting a BB gun at a locomotive."

The two coldly stared at each other for a moment then Angel spoke, "Give them up. I'm taking them either way." "Like hell," Carl began to chant a spell and Angel knew just what to do. Angel raced forward and gave Carl a swift kick in the stomach. Losing all his air Carl couldn't speak to cast his spell.

Angel made a run to the conscious but gagged Fred and took off the gag. "Get the girl and take her up stairs. There is a gray book under my mattress. It's a book of spells. Open it up to page 832 and pray that Wesley can get Brooke up there and that Brooke wakes up in time to read it."

Wesley and Gunn sneaked in right on cue. Carl was catching his breath enough to try to chant. Wesley went to Brooke and Gunn got a rope and tied it around Carl's neck. Angel noticing that Gunn was choking Carl to death went to talk to him. "Loosen the rope Gunn," Angel ordered. "No. You don't know. He didn't mess with your family. He messed with mine," Gunn said angrily. "This isn't the way we do things Gunn," Angel explained. "Angel," Wesley called but Angel went on with Gunn. "Let him go, Gunn."

Gunn looked at Carl and whispered in his ear, "no one messes with the woman I love and gets a way with it. No one." As Gunn was about to kill Carl, Angel punched the strangler and freed Carl who lay on the floor gasping for air. "We're not murders." Angel said. Gunn, who was also on the floor, massaged his jaw. Angel pulled an envelope from his pockets and threw it at Gunn.

I did that for Bo, Angel said, "I won't let Bo's father be a murder." Gunn opened the envelope. In it was DNA test results that proved Bo was Gunn's daughter.

Angel, Wesley called. Angel walked over to where Wesley was kneeling on the floor next to Brooke. Wesley shook his head no and Angel knew that it meant Brooke was dead. Carl stood up slowly behind them. "Yup," Carl said with a raspy voice, "she's dead." Gunn got up and walked over to Brooke. He knelt down next to her and held her close. Carl made an attempt to hit Wesley but Angel blocked the punch. Using his powers, Carl shot Angel up to the second floor balcony. "Hold him, Don't let him speak," Angel ordered to Wesley and a grieving Gunn.

Angel made his way to his bedroom. Angel found the door closed, "Fred open up it's Angel." Hesitant Fred asked, "How do I know it's you? It could be Carl using some voice scrambling spell." "You always lick your lips after you kiss me and you like for me to nibble at yours..." Angel joked. The door opened. "Where's Brooke?" Fred asked. Angel saw that Bo was now awake, "Ummm." They both looked at the girl. Angel had a sudden idea, "Honey do you know how to read?"

Downstairs Wesley was fighting off a ticked off Carl to no avail. Gunn was of no help. He was still on the floor crying for his lost love. Suddenly Bo came in with a book that was too big for her to carry. "Brooth nath min homine. Bly firthe roque domine elemar briq quarte. Mon vie," Bo said. But it wasn't Bo's voice. It was that of her mother who was suddenly alive. Brooke jumped up and attacked Carl. She herself was now chanting, Bo collapsed on the floor. Angel rushed behind the girl, he scooped her up and handed her to Fred.

Take her to the room and lock the doors. Don't open or come out until she is awake. If she doesn't awake with in fifteen minutes the spell went wrong, climb out the window and run, Angel ordered. Fred took the girl. "Angel," she cried in desperation. He came back, kissed her furiously and then said, "go." Fred shot up the stairs and Angel joined Gunn and Wesley as Brooke's back up. The woman now had Carl in a one handed chokehold. She held him up in the air. He was suffocating. She was still chanting. All of a sudden there was a bright red light the emanated from the two witches. "No one, ever tries to hurt the people I love," Brooke said. As soon as the words left her lips both Carl and Brooke collapsed on the floor dead. "No," Gunn screamed. He ran over to the body of his first love and wept. Carl disintegrated into a fine black dust. After a while, Brooke disintegrated into a white sparkling dust.

Upstairs Bo woke up as soon as her mother died. "Mom," Bo spoke. "Honey," Fred said and stroked the child's hair. "She's gone. But she's with me now. I'm with her. We're one," Bo said with a sweet smile on her face.

The pair walked down stairs. Seeing Gunn, Bo ran down the stairs and into his arms. Gunn grasped the child tightly. Fred ran into Angel's arms and kissed him. "Daddy," Bo spoke, "Mommy's here and here." Bo pointed to her heart then to Gunn's. Gunn grabbed the girl and held her tighter. Fred and Angel walked over to Gunn and Bo hand in hand. "Gunn why don't you take some time off. You and your daughter need to get to know each other," Angel suggested. Gunn smiled at the thought, "But who's going to help you here?" The door opened suddenly. "I can," said Connor, "I'll help you, Daddy."

The End

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