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All in the Family

By Monica Vanessa Martinez

Summary: A new member of Angel Investigations, Evadne, learns that blood isn't the only thing that can make people a family.
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Author's note: The song Evadne sings is a Shania Twain song. It's entitled "Black Eyes, Blue Tears." It's on Shania's Come on Over CD. I take no credit for this song.


"Are you sure about this?" Evadne asked Angel.

"Yes, just sing and Lorne will be able to read your soul and tell you your purpose and future. Then you'll know what you are supposed to do," he answered.

"Ok here goes nothing... Black eyes, I don't need 'em, Blue tears, gimme freedom. Positively never goin' back I don't want to live where things are so whack. No more rollin' with the punches, no more usin' and abusin' I'd rather die standing than live on my knees begging please-no more Black eyes-I don't need 'em, Blue tears-gimme freedom. Black eyes-all behind me Blue tears will never find me now." Evadne sang.

This song held so much meaning for this girl. Evadne was a homeless nineteen-year-old that Angel rescued from a Kalritzar demon three months earlier. Her father had died when she was eight. She had run away from an abusive stepfather when she was sixteen. She had refused to go back home even now three years later.

In the three months since the rescue Angel had trained her. Now she was a valuable asset to Angel Investigations. In other words she could kick some serious demon butt. She had even been able to beat Angel in a match once. Plus she was a natural born witch. She was very strong and with the help of the gang, and endless phone calls to Willow in Sunnydale, Evadne had learned to wield her powers well. That made her more than a valuable asset to Angel Investigations. It made her invaluable.

Evadne was still singing "Black Eyes, Blue Tears" by Shania Twain.

"Wow" Angel said.

"Well I'm never going to be able to sing for Lorne again. Not after Evadne anyways," Fred said being put to shame. Connor was moved beyond words, as were Wesley and Gunn.

Evadne had never looked so beautiful, Angel thought, but he wondered what Lorne was thinking.

"Definitely found my self-esteem Finally-I'm forever free to dream. No more cryin' in the corner, no excuses-no more bruises. I'd rather die standing than live on my knees begging please-no more. Black eyes-I don't need 'em, Blue tears-gimme freedom. Black eyes-all behind me Blue tears will never find me now. I'd rather die standing. Than live on my knees begging please... Black eyes-I don't need 'em, Blue tears-gimme freedom. Black eyes-all behind me. Blue tears will never find me now. It's all behind me now. Fine you self-esteem and be forever free to dream," Evadne finished the song.

Lorne winced. Not at the voice or the song, it didn't have anything to do with the singing. He was wincing at the future. Poor Evadne. Lorne got up and left the lobby. Angel followed and Evadne followed him.

"What?" Angel asked entering his office after Lorne. Evadne stopped at the door. She knew if she stepped in Lorne would try to sugarcoat the bad news for her. She didn't want that she wanted the truth.

"It's all in the family Angel-Cakes," Lorne said. After a questioning look from Angel the Host went on, "Her family will turn on her. As we speak they unite and make their way here to kill her." Angel turned to the door and noticed Evadne there for the fist time. Evadne wished she'd gotten the sugarcoated version instead.

Evadne remained silent for a long time. But her words chilled Angel to the core when she spoke, "Well then . . let them come. Let them kill me. I will not have the blood of humans on my hands. And I will not ask you to take their blood on your hands either. When they come no one is to harm them or fight them - is that understood? If they want me dead so be it." With that she left.

"Lorne," Angel said still looking at the doorway where Evadne had just stood, "were you able to get a good look at the faces of her family?" Lorne nodded. Angel shut the door, "sit down Lorne." Angel went to his desk and grabbed his pencil and sketchbook. "Start talking."

"Ok let's start at the top," Angel said, briefing the gang. "This is Evadne's mother" Angel explained while holding up the sketch, "Yuri is her name. She's small like Evadne. She's about five-two to five-five. Hispanic woman, black hair with signs of gray, she has brown eyes and is in her late forties early fifties. This is her father, Curtis. He has green or hazel eyes brown hair in an army cut hair. He's about five-eight, maybe five-ten. He has a distinct..."

"Scar," Evadne said cutting in as she walked in from the garden. She always walked in the garden until sunset. Evadne went on with everyone looking at her, "um, a scar over his left eyebrow. He got it when I was little. He wanted to teach me to defend myself. He got me into kickboxing. He didn't think he needed head gear... He was wrong. I was only seven when I gave him that scar. But Angel... my dad died when I was eight."

Two days later the gang was still brainstorming. Cordy was making another pot of coffee, "We just ran out of coffee grounds. Someone needs to get more or all you caffeine junkies are going to have to get your daily fix somewhere else."

"Thanks Cord," Connor said as he took another cup.

"I'm going back to bed," Cordy said and made her way up stairs.

"What's with her?" Fred asked. Angel gave her a look so she answered her own question, "we killed her daughter Jasmine."

"NO I did. I killed my and Cordy's daughter," Connor replied. No one wanted to agree and no one wanted to argue so they continued the research.

"Check references on demons and zombies... especially zombies. Some one may have wanted to use him as zombie," Wesley suggested to Lorne.

"I checked that yesterday... dead end," Fred jumped in then went on, "Oh check Brethnal demons. They tend to steal human bodies and live in them."

Connor stepped in this time, "did that day before yesterday. They can only steal fresh corpses and can only live in them for a week. Evadne's dad died eleven years ago... he's not fresh."

Angel was working on a family tree. He was trying to figure out if they missed anyone. Evadne had fallen asleep for the first time in the two days of straight research. Her head was in Angel's lap. He was gently stroking her hair. He'd grown very fond of her.

"Vampire!" Evadne jumped up as if from a nightmare. She was shaking and sweating.

"What is it?" Gunn ran over to find Evadne in Angel's arms crying.

"Evadne, what's wrong, honey?" Lorne asked. She took deep breaths trying to recover from some nightmare that at the moment no one, not even Angel could protect her from its reality.

"It's so damn obvious..." she paused still scared but with conviction, "My dad is a vampire."

"What?" the whole group said at once.

"I can't believe I never knew. I used to see him when I was little. He'd always be around at night, kinda stalking me. I remember when mom took me to a carnival. I went into the mirrored house and I guess because of the mirrors I couldn't see him but I remember getting lost. I turned around really quickly and he was there. He even took my hand and led me out. My mom said it was just my imagination but I knew... I knew it was him."

Evadne began to cry and tremble as more and more memories came flooding back.

"Does that mean the rest of the family is..." Fred began but was cut off by one of Angel's looks.

"Oh God, Angel, Samuel? He was turned. He was a vampire," Evadne exclaimed. Samuel was a cousin of Evadne's that Angel and her had staked about a week earlier.

"Lorne, let's see the other pictures," Angel ordered. Evadne flipped through sketches.

"Aunt Nina died two years after my dad," Evadne explained and went on, "Grandpa was mugged and murdered last year. Gamma died a month later. Wait... why is my mom in here? She's not dead. Why's her picture in here?"

"Oh deary, I am dead. Well the undead... for all eternity," Evadne's mother made herself known. "Hey there tall dark and vampy. I'm Yuri, Evadne's mother," she directed at Angel in a flirty manner. To the rest of the group she turned and spoke, "Back to my original point. I'm undead and so is Nina and papa and gamma. Oh and so is Sammy who I hear you dusted. Tisk Tisk darlin' he's family." Evadne stared coldly at her mother. Her real mother had been prim and proper and now some soulless freak had taken her mother's body.

"Evadne, honey I brought you a surprise," Yuri announced and pointed to the door of the Hyperion Hotel, opposite the one she had entered. In walked Evadne's father, Curtis with about twenty vampires all various relations to Evadne.

"Daddy?" Evadne asked innocently with tears brimming in the corners of her eyes.

"Evadne, it's not your father," Wesley tried to explain.

"We don't want to fight. We just want our daughter," Curtis explained to Angel.

Angel then said "if you don't want to fight, then why the army?"

"I said we didn't want to. I didn't say we wouldn't," Curtis explained. "Look, creature of the night to creature of the night, I was changed eleven years ago and slowly but surely I have changed my family. Evadne is the only one left. Don't stand in my way. Look at you. You don't stand a chance. What do you have a demon, a kid, a woman and two wimpy men," Curtis said.

"Hey!" Wesley and Gunn said at the same time when insulted.

Curtis went on, "I have twenty four well trained killing machines. We ARE taking her." Curtis finished. Angel looked at him solemnly.


"Wesley, Gunn, Connor!" Angel called to his warriors, "Get her out of her now. Take her upstairs - have her put a sanctuary spell. That way there can be no demon violence," Angel ordered. Right away the plan went into action. Fred, Lorne, and Angel's three warriors encircled Evadne and led her upstairs while Angel rushed into the thick of the vampires and began to fight.

"Angel, NOOOOOO," Evadne screamed.

Four male vampires quickly encircled Angel. They all fought him at once and Angel fell on his back. Each of the four grabbed a limb and held him down, Angel was immobilized. Evadne's dad appeared with a stake in hand. He raised it ready to kill Angel.

"No let me go; I have to help him," Evadne started to fight her protectors.

"You'll help him once you do the sanctuary spell," Lorne explained.

Connor turned to face Lorne, "you and your magic." When Connor turned there was a break in the group encircling Evadne. She jumped off the second floor and into the lobby.

She landed safely on her feet with no magical help. Evadne landed right behind her father. She tapped him on the shoulder.

"Hey daddy," she said. Curtis turned around to face his child.

"Well," she began, "you wanted me here I am. You don't have to kill him."

"But he wants to keep you from us," Curtis said sadly. "If you didn't know he was a vampire you could really believe that he cared for her."

"Dad, nothing can tear a family apart," Evadne said.

"No, Eva he has to die," Curtis said turning and raising the stake again. Angel winces ready for the impact of the stake to his un-beating heart.

Evadne raises her and stops the stake's decent, "OK then let me do it. Give me the stake. I'll do it," Evadne said.

"I've got to stop her," Connor said and made a rush towards the stairs.

"Let her be Connor," Cordelia ordered.

"You just want to see him dead. You hate him for killing Jasmine. Guess what I did it. I punched my fist through her skull. Are you happy? I couldn't save our daughter, let me save my father," Connor said, his hotheaded side appearing.

"Evadne is saving him. Have faith Connor. Champions aren't born. They are raised and trained. Angel raised you to be a champion. He trained her to be a champion. Let her have her moment as a champion," Cordelia said and went back to her room.

"Why is she the only one he'll listen to?" Lorne asked.

"It's the big breasts," Gunn answered.

"I have breasts - why doesn't he listen to me?" Fred asked. All the men looked at her. "Sorry," she said timidly.

After much internal debate Curtis handed Evadne the stake. She walked over slowly to Angel. "Lift him up," she ordered the men who were holding the souled-vamp down. "Forgive me for what I'm about to do. I love you, know that. I'm really releasing you, not killing you. This life you lead is torture," Evadne said tear streaming down her face.

"Evadne, no," Angel pleaded.

"I have to. I have to do this for my family," Evadne said and looked up at the balcony. She saw Connor about to cry and realized what she was doing. A thought came to her, "Yes I'm doing for my family. My true family... I'm freeing you, I love you, goodbye my darling..."

Evadne quickly spun around and staked Curtis, "...Father." She looked at her angry family... she needed help against her angry family. "Jump!" Evadne ordered the warriors on the balcony. As they climbed the over the rail Evadne lifted her hands and with some sort of spell lowered them to the lobby floor softly. Everyone began to fight. Evadne was fighting and staking her ex-family, current vampire army one by one. Within seconds that seemed to last years all of Evadne's family was dusted. She collapsed on the couch where her and Angel had been sitting moments ago before the fight.

"Are you ok" Angel asked sitting next to her.

"No, but what does it matter," she said sadly.

"It matters to me," Angel said flirtatiously.

"Quit trying to flatter me Angel," Evadne scolded.

"Ok then how about a compliment. It was a good bluff. I really thought that you were going to stake me," Angel admitted.

From across the room Fred cleared her throat, "We should go get the brooms and dust pans and start cleaning."

"Ok Fred," Lorne began, his full attention on Evadne and Angel, "Go get them we'll wait here." Fred grabbed Lorne by the ear and yanked him towards the kitchen. Seeing the pain on Lorne's face and the glare that Fred gave them, warned Connor, Gunn, and Wesley to follow.

"I was. I was talking to you. I was going to stake you. Until I said the word family. Then I saw Connor, almost in tears 'cause he thought he was going to lose his father. And I saw the rest of them. I realized that the vampires weren't my family. As I was growing up my father tortured me, appearing and disappearing. Mom let him and then she let my stepfather abuse me as if the mental torture that my father was putting me through wasn't enough. I was also getting physically abused. All of the family was the same. No one tried to help me or save me from the abuse they just turned their backs on me. We weren't a family. We were just people who somewhere along the line shared similar blood. You, Connor, Fred, all of them - even Cordelia - have become my family. My real family," Evadne said.

"So then you were talking to me the first time. And you were talking to Curtis the second time. So when you said that you loved me... you meant that right?" Angel asked. Evadne laughed a nervous laugh.

"I guess I did mean it. I mean I guess I do mean it. I love you." He embraced her tightly. Angel shifted on the couch and Evadne rested her head in his lap, like they had been prior to her nightmare. Before Angel knew it she was asleep. Angel picked up his sketchbook and tore off the page that had Evadne's vampire family.

Angel was busy working on a new drawing on the sketchpad when the gang walked in, brooms and dustpans in hand. "Shh" Angel shushed them fatherly like. They all walked over to see Evadne sleeping on Angel's lap. Lorne noticed the sketchbook off to Angel's side.

"What you got there Angel-cakes?" Lorne asked. Angel held up a drawing of a tree. There was a branch for all of them. Angel was at the top with Evadne by his side. Below them were Connor and Cordy who were linked by Jasmine.

"Dad you put..." Connor began but was choked by emotion.

"She was your daughter, a part of you, son, therefore a part of me. I respect that," Angel said simply. Off to the side were Lorne and Wesley. Towards the bottom were Gunn and Fred.

"You put all of us?" Fred asked innocently.

"You are all my family," Angel said and put the picture down and as the family moved to begin the cleaning. Angel went on as he stroked Evadne's hair, "After all... it's all in the family. Right Lorne?" Lorne just smiled.

The End

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