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The Kiss

By Monica V. Martinez

Summary: Each character's perspective on a kiss between Fred and Angel.
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The Kiss: Personal Thoughts


They broke the kiss. "Do you think they bought it?" Winifred asked her kissing partner. It was all part of her rouse. She wanted Jasmine's mob to think they were a couple making out. Not fugitives running from Jasmine.

Angel was surprised at Fred kissing him. But the biggest surprise was that he liked it. "Do you think they bought it?" she asked him. Breathlessly Angel answered, "I know I did."

Part One: The Diary of Winifred

Dear Diary,

Well it has been a while. You would not believe all the things that have happened. The sun was blocked out, Jasmine (Connor and Cordelia's baby) was trying to end the world. Oh and Angel lost and regained his soul again. Angel... Well you're my diary and I can't hide anything from you. I kissed him. ANGEL. We were the only two that knew the truth about Jasmine. We were on the run. We were hiding. We heard people coming so I kissed him so that the people would think we were just a couple making out. I asked him if he thought they bought it and he said, "I know I did." Is it possible he enjoyed it? I guess I did. I remember when I just got back from Pylea. I thought I was in love with him. Now... well there's Gunn. (In the next entry I'll tell you about him punching the kid). Then there's Wes who loves me (but I can't help but see him with that evil woman Lilah). Well now I've brought Angel into the equation. What do I do? If it were a physics equation well I'd have solved it in the blink of an eye. But it's life not science. I can still remember the way it felt when out lips touched and his breathlessness afterward. My breathlessness. Our hearts racing (proverbial hearts of course. His can't race: he doesn't have a heart beat). I'm so confused help me out Diary!



Part Two: The Journal of Angel: Vampire with a Soul

There is much to write about. Many loses to detail. Cordelia is gone. We can't find her. Jasmine did something to her. Connor hates me for destroying my granddaughter and for beating him up so the gang could get away. But one gain that I must go into detail about is a kiss. I'm surprised to say I enjoyed it. I'm even more surprised by who kissed me. It was Fred. It happened when Fred and I were hiding from Jasmine's mob. Fred thought we could fool them into thinking we were just kids out for a walk and making out. So she kissed me. But I felt something. It wasn't fear or regret or anything negative for that matter. It was happiness. Of course not complete happiness but happiness none the less. When we broke the kiss Fred asked if I thought the mob would believe it. I told her the truth. I believed it was true. But the mob didn't believe us. So we ran. We haven't talked about it and I wish we would. Most of all I wish it were real.


Part Three: Charles Gunn's Journal

I usually don't write in this journal thing that Cordy gave me to try to help with my anger management - but today is a doozy. Fred is acting odd. Ever since I - no we - oh who am I kidding I did it. Ever since I killed the professor we've been off but we are working on it. But now it's worse. Since I punched the Matthew and knocked him out cold - she's been looking at me like I'm the demons we fight off. But even that is fine. But there's something else. Someone else. There's the same feeling as when I caught her kissing Wesley. But since Jasmine came, Wesley and me have spent time together. Who could have kissed her? Lorne? I don't THINK so. Connor he's just a kid. Angel... HA No way. I'm just imagining it. Right?

Charles Gunn

The End?

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