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The Midnight Hour

By Monica V. Martinez

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Summary: Angel comes across the new slayer who, by the way, is also a witch.
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The midnight hour, Angel loved the beach at this time. He liked being alone. When he was alone it was easier to remember what the beach was like with sun. He liked the loneliness. Just as that thought exited his mind he heard a scream. Every muscle in his body tensed. He eased when he saw it was just a girl with her boyfriend. They both appeared drunk.

She was drunk. She actually didn't like to drink but then again guys never paid her attention. But this one did. And he showed his attention by buying her drinks. Now she was walking drunkenly across the sand. She let out a scream when her heel slipped through the sand and she fell.

Angel tried to ignore them. He wanted to be alone. Suddenly there was a gust of wind. In that wind Angel caught their scents. He picked up that the male was a vampire; he realized the girl was in trouble.

She had this guy where she wanted him. She'd never staked a vampire while she was drunk. It would be hard but she had faith in her ability. She really wished she didn't have to stake him. He was kind of cute and she hadn't been on a date in years. He flirted with her just like a real human would have. Except instead of sex, he wanted blood.

Angel had to approach with care. He wanted to stake the guy but didn't want the girl to get scared. He wanted to see if he could make her go away. Just as he was about to make his move, she made her own.

After she had fallen he lied down next to her in the sand. They were both lying on their sides facing each other. He kissed her softly. She actually got into it. Then with out his knowledge, she pulled out a stake that she had hidden in the sand earlier that day. While they kissed she staked him.

Angel was amazed. She must have planned the whole thing. Who was she? he pondered. She tried to get up but she was too drunk. Angel took the chance to help her up. "Hello," He said softly. She looked up at him deeply. "I'm Angel. I noticed that you might need some help getting up," he said as he offered his hand.

Wow, that was the only word that crossed her mind when she say his Angel-like face. She accepted his offer by placing her hand in his. He helped her walk back to her own car. "You really shouldn't drive," he told her.

She nodded. "I, um, own a hotel... it's the old Hyperion Hotel. You could come with me and I'll set you up in a room. You can sleep it off and then come get your car tomorrow," Angel offered. She nodded again. He knew she could talk, he had heard her scream. So why wasn't she talking now?

She didn't want to talk. She knew he'd seen her stake the vampire. How could she explain that to a human. She decided to go with him to the hotel. It'd be nice to sleep in a bed instead of her car. Besides, even if he were trying to hurt her, she'd kick his ass. They walked together, she stumbled all over the place, after all she was drunk. Finally she realized that the world was spinning and turning black. She passed out.

Angel burst through the doors to the hotel. "Oh my!" Fred screamed when she saw Angel carrying the girl. "Another one," Gunn began, "Is it me or does he always come home carrying an unconscious girl?" Lorne walked down the stairs just then. He took in the scene. "Is she umm dead," Fred asked.

Lorne answered, after he sniffed the air around the girl, "Nope Kitten, one shot of Jack Daniel's, two Margaritas, and one - no, two shots of tequila with a chaser of whiskey."

"She's..." Fred started.

"Drunk," Angel finished.

"Here, man, let me help you out," Gunn moved to help him.

Cordelia Chase came out of the kitchen as Gunn and Angel made their ascent up the stairs with the girl. "Oh Angel. I've told you if you're going to bring in live food bring them in the back," Cordy teased. Angel made no move to answer. He and Gunn took the girl upstairs to a room. Lorne followed, "I'll cook up a hangover treatment that works miracles."

"Why do you do that?" Fred asked once the men were gone.

"What?" Cordelia acted innocently.

"You put him down every time he helps anyone," Fred said growing angry.

"Oh was that a Angel Investigations client? I thought Angel was dating again," Cordy said as she spun around and walked away happily.

"Bitter Bitch," Fred whispered under her breath.

Cordelia spun around with lightning speed to try to punch Fred but Angel appeared and blocked the punch with the palm of his hand. "Go back to your room Cordelia," Angel said emotionlessly. "I'm sorry," she said sincerely.

"Angel I know you love her, but ever since she gave birth to Jasmine and then we killed her, she's not the same. She thinks you and me betrayed her by killing her baby. You should move on, it's been months," Fred said. Angel made no sign her was listening. Lorne walked down stairs, "She's awake."

Angel walked into the room. Gunn was sitting on the bed next to the girl. They were laughing. She was now sitting up on the bed. Sometime while Angel was gone she'd pulled up her hair into a ponytail. She'd also cleaned up and changed. Now she was wearing a pair of Fred's jeans and one of Angel's shirts, which fit her huge.

"Gunn, could you leave us?" Angel asked. Wordlessly, Gunn left.

"He's cool," she said.

"Who are you? Angel got straight to the point.

"I'm the slayer," she said.

After some time had passed Angel thought he finally understood. "Ok let me get this straight. When Buffy died trying to save the world, again, you became the slayer. Then Willow brought her back. So know there are three slayers. Buffy, Faith and you, Lydia," Angel said. Lydia nodded. "You've seen the watcher's counsel and they told you to train. You said it was your destiny and you sought out Giles. He trained you underground for a year. Then Giles sent you to Buffy. She sent you here. Did I miss something," Angel explained thinking saying it out loud would help him understand. "The witch part," she added. "Oh yes, you're also a natural born witch," Angel added matter of factly.

"Look, Buffy's main point in sending me here was to help you. You don't have one of the slayers here in LA. And you don't have a witch. From what I can tell you need one. You do a lot of magic and it usually goes wrong. Angel, Buffy thought I'd be more useful here." Lydia pleaded not wanting to have to leave.

"Ok. Welcome to LA." Angel said and left the room.

"How is she?" Fred asked when Angel appeared.

"She's the slayer," Angel went straight to his office.

"I just meant if she was still drunk," Fred said innocently. Fred, Gunn and Lorne followed Angel. He was on the phone when Conner and Wesly walked into the office just getting home.

"Hey dad look at my new cross bow," Connor said and then realized that everyone was quiet.

"Hey Buffy, it's Angel. I got the gift you sent me," Angel said into the phone.

"What's going on?" Connor asked confused. Lorne answered, "The slayer is here."

"Faith?" Connor asked excitedly.

"No the other one," Fred answered.

"Buffy?" Connor asked less excitedly.

"He's on the phone with her kid," Lorne added between listening to Angel.

Connor spoke, "I thought there was only supposed to be one slayer and now you're telling me there's three. Buffy really needs to stop dying." Everyone turned to look at him even Angel. "What? Well she does," Connor tried to defend himself.

Angel continued on the phone. "Well I suppose she'll be useful. Buffy you should have called in advance. Fine I'll watch her. Yes, yes I'll train her, Ok fine." Angel hung up the phone without a goodbye. The way his and Buffy's relationship was, bye was always implied.

Angel turned to address the group, "Lydia stays. Buffy confirms the story, Lydia is the slayer."

"How?" Wesley asked being the voice of the group, who were all thinking the same thing.

"Well when Dawn's blood was used to open the portal to unleash hell and Buffy jumped into save the world she died. But then Willow brought her back. Well her dying caused fate to call upon the next natural born slayer."


*****Two Months later*****

Lydia was in a darkened alley way. "Angel I know you're following me. I can feel you," Lydia said aloud. "How'd you know," Angel asked appearing. "Like I said I can feel you. Angel you promised I could patrol alone tonight. You said you weren't going to baby me," she scolded. "Sorry," Angel said looking at his feet. Lydia laughed a bit, "Go home Angel."

As she spoke those words three vampires jumped out. "I've got it," she yelled at Angel as he moved to help her. Immediately she staked one. The other two, angered, came after her full force.

Lydia was able to back one of the vamps into a stack of crates. She punched at his face but he ducked and her fist went through the crates behind him. She pulled it out. The vampire laughed at her. She punched again. He ducked again. The vampire laughed even harder. Angel was about to move in when he and the vampire noticed that she pulled out a sharply broken piece of the crate. She dusted him without a word. He wasn't laughing anymore.

Angel was proud. But he wondered where the third vampire was. Suddenly he saw the vampire grab Lydia. She dropped her piece of wood and it rolled over by Angel. Angel knelt down and moved the stake about two inches to the left and about three inches closer to the fight.

The vampire knocked Lydia down to the alley floor. She quickly kicked him and he came down to the floor as well. He rolled on top of her trying to get the advantage. With all her strength she rolled him over and punched him twice in the face. She needed wood. Then he rolled her over again. This time she was pinned down hard. "Gottcha," the vampire said and tried to move towards her neck. At the same moment her fingers found the perfectly placed stake and she dusted him.

Angel appeared above her. He offered his hand, "Do you ever stake a vampire standing up?" Teasingly she smiled and knocked him down the same way she had the last vampire. "Don't make fun," she said as she got up and started walking towards the hotel. Angel stood up and watched her walk away.

Back at the Hyperion the gang was standing around waiting for a report from Angel on how Lydia did. "How'd she do," Gunn asked when Angel walked in two minutes behind Lydia. "She's beautiful," Angel said then corrected, "She DID beautifully." Embarrassed Angel went to his office and shut the door. "Dad has a crush," Connor said. "No I don't," Angel yelled from his office.

Cordelia Chase watched from the balcony. "No, Connor, it's love. True love but when I'm done there will be no slayer left for your Daddy to love."

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