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Heal Me

By Monica V. Martinez

Summary: A girl has the power to heal with a single touch of her hand.
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Angel was sitting at his desk, bored. They hadn't had a case in weeks. The fact that money wasn't coming in wasn't what bothered him. Although that was enough. What bothered him was the fact that he hadn't helped anyone in two weeks, six days, and fourteen hours. "Knock Knock," Cordelia Chase said cheerily. "Did you have a vision?" Angel asked eagerly. "No," she said. He looked disappointed. "Oh I'm having a vision," Cordy said. Angel wasn't looking, "you don't have to pretend with me just to make me feel better." Then he noticed she was floating. A tell tale sign that she was having a vision. "It's a girl: she's in pain. Um, 328 Oak St. Apartment 8E. Go!" Cordelia ordered. With that Angel was out the door.

Angel knocked on the door. Then he heard someone screaming so he kicked the door down. There was a girl crying on the floor. She was in her late teens and bleeding from a cut on her arm. "Are you ok?" Angel asked and reached out to her. As he did a man stepped out of the shadows and started fighting with Angel. "Daddy, stop he's only trying to help me. Dad!" the girl screamed. Angel turned only for a second to face the girl and the dad hit him on the head with a glass vase. It knocked him out. The dad took off running. The girl thought quickly. She grabbed Angel's hand. A rush of heat and electricity filled both of their bodies. Their eyes were filled with blood red and bright white flashing lights. His cuts from the vase began to disappear and then reappeared on the head of the girl. His pain was gone. He came to almost instantly with no pain. The girl on the other hand was passed out with cuts on her head exactly where Angel had been hit with the vase. Angel picked up the wounded girl and carried her out to his car. They left and she was still out.

They arrived at the Hyperion Hotel and Angel carried the girl in. "Oh my God," Fred yelled. Gunn ran to help Angel carry the girl. Gunn decided to ask, "what happened?" "She's The Healer," Angel said simply.

"The Healer is a girl. She is much like the Slayer. There is one born every generation. With a single touch of her hand she can take away all your pain. Physical pain. Some Healers can take away emotional pain. It depends on the girl. They heal incredibly quick. Say a broken bone takes you six months to heal. It's take her maybe hours at the most." Angel explained and the gang was in awe. He went on with his explanation, "so I'm guessing that the father was beating someone. The mother, maybe another kid and she healed them. That's why I saw a cut on her arm when I walked in. You can't inflict pain to them. You could shoot them, kick them, punch them, nothing.  But punch me and she grabs my hand. She'll be the one with the black eye. To die they must accept another's death. She must choose to die for someone else." The group didn't say anything. It was too hard to believe. "He's right," the girl said.

Roslyn Noriss made her presence known to the others. "I'm Roslyn 'The Healer' Noriss. And he's right," Roslyn said. "I'm Angel. This is Fred, Gunn," Angel began then introduced the others, "that's Cordelia, my son Connor, and that's Lorne. He's a demon."  "Ah thank you Angel-Cakes," Lorne butted in. "Um you're not scared of Lorne, Roslyn?" Fred asked. "No I'd rather see a real live demon than live with my demon-like father," Roslyn said and looked down at her feet.

"Well," Angel said clapping his hands and jumping off of his desk where he'd been sitting, "Dinner? Who wants dinner?" Everyone started exiting the room. Roslyn and Angel stayed behind. "I'm a vampire," Angel blurted out. "I know. How do you think you were able to get in without an invitation," Roslyn told him. Angel wondered aloud, "how'd" "I called out to you with my mind. Actually The Powers That Be called out to you when they heard me calling out to you. Perks of being the Healer. I had a cousin. She was attacked by vampires. She told me that if I need help with anything, especially my powers to come to you. The Vampire with a Soul."

The rest of the night was normal. Yet Roslyn was quiet. Angel was worried. She had been taken away, by him, from the only family she'd even known. No matter how bad the living arrangements were, they were still her family. "Are you um, OK?" Angel asked as he led her to a room he'd setup for her. They arrived at the door just as he asked. "You know I should go home. My mom might need me," Roslyn said. "For some reason I was sent to save you from that home. At least stay the night," Angel said. "At least?" she asked, "it's not like I could stay here forever?" "Well," Angel said, "you could. I mean if you wanted to." She smiled, turned and walked in her room without another word. She closed the door behind her and blushed.

It was two thirty in the morning and Roslyn had a nightmare. She got up to get a glass of milk. She wandered towards the kitchen and warmed up some milk. She heard a noise coming from the lobby. She went to check the noise and saw Angel putting away a battle-axe. "Sorry I didn't mean to wake you," Angel apologized. "Oh you didn't. I had a nightmare," Roslyn informed him. She went on, "I decided to get some warm milk to calm me. Would you like some?" "Milk usually makes me sick but I could go for some blood. I'll have it in my room so that I don't gross you out." He finally turned to face her. His face was in full vampire mode. There was a cut on the right side of his face. She was guessing that it was from a knife because it looked smooth. It was from his chin to his cheekbone. "Oh my," she touched his face and said, "are you ok." She was more worried about the cut than she was about the vamp face.

She's not afraid of me, Angel thought silently. "Why aren't you afraid of me?" he asked. "Shh," she said to quiet him. She grabbed his hand with her right hand while keeping her left hand on his face. There was a jolt of electricity running through their bodies. As his pain subsided his vamp face faded. But on Roslyn's face appeared the cut. It was Angel's turn to worry. He reached up and touched the blood dripping from her face. He wiped the blood on his shirt. He removed his shirt, revealing a white under shirt. He used his shirt and applied pressure to the wound. They stood silent for a while. After a few minutes he removed the shirt and the wound was completely healed. "Wow," Angel began, "you heal fast. Even faster than I do." Roslyn smiled.

"Will you join me in a drink?" Angel asked, "I mean I'll drink blood and you can finish your milk." "I'd love to," Roslyn exclaimed. Roslyn grabbed her glass from the counter and headed towards the kitchen. Angel lingered a bit. "I'm going to clean up the axe. I don't want it to rust. I'll be there in a second," Angel informed her. Roslyn left the room. He could smell her blood on his shirt. He lifted it up as if to smell it but threw it away in a near by trash can. "Torch it later," Lorne said. Angel turned around. "Don't deny your feelings for her. If you care for her let her know. The thing about healers is they can care for the world but the world doesn't care for them. But you can't deny what you are Angel. Protect her. Torch it," Lorne said. Angel walked away from Lorne without a word.

Roslyn was laughing so hard, "oh my God that's so funny. So Vegas in the sixties? Where were you in the seventies?" Angel was about to tell another story. He'd told his whole life story up to the sixties, when Cordelia walked in. "Oh hey Cordy! What are you doing up so late?" Angel inquired. "Late? Angel it's seven thirty in the morning," Cordelia almost yelled. "Oh man. You mean to tell me we've been talking for five hours?" Roslyn asked, "I better get some shut eye, huh?" "I'll walk you up stairs Roz," Angel said. They both left Cordelia standing in the kitchen with a puzzled look. "Roz?" she asked to herself.

"Thank you," Roslyn said when they got to her room. "For what," Angel asked. "For sharing with me," Roslyn said. Then she added while looking at her feet, "for caring about me." she tiptoed and kissed him on the cheek where the cut had been. She was turning around to hide her blushing in the privacy of her new room. Angel held the knob and her hand, which was covering the knob. She couldn't turn the knob so she turned around and kissed her on the lips softly. "Thank you," Angel said. "For what?" Roslyn asked. "For healing my broken heart," he answered. "I don't have the power to heal emotional pain," Roslyn said. "It wasn't your powers that healed me. It was your kiss, your kindness," he turned and left. She turned and went into her room with a smile and genuine happiness. But she found sadness with the return of a familiar face.

"Daddy," Roslyn asked in a scared timid voice. "Roslyn it's time to come home," her father said, "your mother needs you. You weren't there for her before. You should be there for her now. Don't you think?" Roslyn's father pulled out a knife. But instead of attacking her he cut his own arm. "Dad don't hurt yourself," Roslyn yelled. But she didn't move to heal him. "Heal me!" her father yelled at her. "No," Roslyn said standing her ground. Angel heard the argument with his super powered hearing.

"Are you ok, Roslyn," Angel asked. "Get out of here. He can't hurt me. But he can hurt you. Go!" Roslyn yelled. "I'm not leaving you," Angel yelled preparing to fight. "Well you should," yelled her father, "Did she tell you that her older sister committed suicide and that she didn't try to save her?" "Shut up!" Roslyn yelled at her father. "That after her sister died her mother went insane and she didn't try too save her either.  She'll save the world but she won't heal her own family. My daughter the hero." "Dad, I was only nine. I didn't want to die I was scared. But I'd do it now. Could I, I would do it now," Roslyn responded.

"Then do it," Roslyn's dad said in a low angry voice. Two men appeared from their hiding places carrying her mother. She looked dead. Angel knew she was. "She tried to drown her self. I did mouth to mouth. She's alive but going down hill," Roslyn's dad said. He seemed genuinely sad. "Why didn't you try the hospital?" Angel asked rather bitterly. "I'm sorry that I don't have enough money. We can't all own hotels," Roslyn's dad said finding his anger. "She's not breathing anymore," said the man holding her. He set her down on the floor.

Roslyn was scared. She knew that she could only die if she took someone else's death. Was she ready? As if reading her mind, "Don't Roz," Angel. "I'll pay the hospital bills. I'll do anything just don't. Don't take her death. I love you. You have reason to live." Roslyn didn't listen she grabbed her mothers hand. But it was cold. There was no light; there was no electricity. She was too far gone. Roslyn's father and goons took the opportunity. They shoved Angel into the wall and took off running. Instead of running after them, Angel went to Roslyn's side. She was still holding her mother's hand. Angel gently touched her shoulder. "She's the one I couldn't heal," Roslyn cried. Angel lifted her from her kneeling position and held her in his arms.

They walked down stairs together. Roslyn still in Angel's arms. Gunn and Fred were in the office talking. "Did you guys see a man and two goons walk, well, run out of here?" Angel inquired of the couple. "No, why" Fred answered and asked at the same time. "Dammit he's still in the hotel. That man is Roslyn's father and he killed her mother. Now it seems he's after her. Where's Connor and Lorne?" Angel said. "Asleep," Gunn answered. "Wait how did they get in unnoticed if no one let them in? And how'd they know what room was mine? There are hundred of rooms here?" Roslyn asked. "Cordy," Angel whispered and took off running up the stairs. Angel busted the door open and found Cordelia talking to Roslyn's father. "What do you think your doing," Angel asked to no one in particular. "Angel," Cordelia said, "I'm cleaning the cut that Roslyn inflicted on her poor father. This is Curtis." "So Curtis, where are the two goons?" Angel asked just as everyone else arrived. Gunn, Fred, Lorne and Connor were all ready for a fight. Roslyn was making a phone call.

"Angel," Cordy scolded, "he just wants to take his daughter home. You don't need goons for that. It's not a crime for him to miss his daughter." "But murdering his wife is," Angel said with a straight face. Just them the goons appeared and there began a fight. It ended when Curtis grabbed Cordelia by the throat and held the knife up to her neck. All fighting stopped.

"Father don't," Roslyn said emerging from the back of the room. "Why couldn't you be normal? Why'd you have to be a freak? We always had to watch you. That's why your sister killed herself. We never paid attention to her. The day we buried your sister your mom went nuts. And you still couldn't be normal. That's all we wanted. I couldn't take care of your mom so I drowned her. I knew everyone would think she did it to herself," Curtis said. Roslyn walked up to him, "give me the knife father." "Get away you freak," Curtis yelled and pushed Cordelia away. He moved to stab himself but Angel stopped him. They fought a bit and Angel got stabbed in the shoulder just as the cops arrived. Angel pulled the knife out and hid it from the officials.

The cops moved in and arrested Curtis on the charge of murder in the first degree and harassment for leaving the body in Roslyn's room. Angel locked up the front of the hotel as the last of the cops left. He grimaced in pain. Roslyn walked up to him and held his hand. The pain in his shoulder subsided. Roslyn's shoulder was engulfed in pain. Cordelia appeared just in time to witness Roslyn's selfless act. Angel kissed Roslyn sweetly on her injured shoulder. He could smell the blood on her. She lifted him by the chin and kissed him full on the lips. "You heal me," she whispered in his ear.

"Where's lover girl?" Cordelia asked coldly as Angel walked down stairs after four hours. "I wrapped her shoulder and helped her fall asleep. I also had to move her into a new room. I don't want her sleeping in a room where her dead mother was lying." Cordelia did nothing while Angel spoke. She stared into her coffee mug. So Angel went on, "You were foolish letting Curtis in our home. The Powers That Be wanted us to save her, not get her killed. It was stupid showing him her room. You could have gotten Roslyn killed. She was going to take her mother's death. You could have gotten Connor killed or Fred or Gunn, Lorne. You could have gotten me killed. Dammit you could have gotten yourself killed."

"God I'm sorry. Alright. I just wanted her gone. I didn't want anyone dead. I was so jealous. You laughed with her and told her stories of your past. I wanted her gone. I wanted her gone. I guess deep down I knew he'd try to kill her. I didn't care. I hated her for making you happy," Cordy yelled. She then whispered with tears streaming down her face, "I wanted to be the one to heal your broken heart." Angel stood silent for a moment. He walked over to her and wiped a tear from Cordelia's cheek and he spoke, "You caused it. By intentionally putting all of us in danger, you broke my heart."

Angel walked away from Cordelia and up the stairs. Roslyn was fast asleep. Angel bent over and kissed her cheek. He could smell the blood from her shoulder. "Not even you can heal me from the demon inside me." Angel got up and left the room.

The End

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