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What's My Name

By Monica V. Martinez

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Summary: Angel falls in love with a girl who has amnesia.
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Angel had tracked her down. It took two months but he finally found her. He was following her now. He kept a few yards back. This was the part he loved; she couldn't tell he was there. Angel shortened the distance between them this was the dangerous part.

She knew someone was following her. He had taught her well. She wasn't frightened she was just very aware. He had to be a professional. He was too quiet not to be a pro. She wouldn't have known he was there except he slipped up. The trick to following someone is to stay in rhythm with their steps. In case you do make a sound the preys own steps will cover it up. She let him get closer. This was the dangerous part.

The part they both lived for. Actually it was the exact moment that they both lived for. Angel was about ready to make his presence known, actually, he knew that he already had, when she turned around to punch him with her right fist. He knew her all too well. He blocked the punch with his right hand and was about to kick her exposed right side, he'd even lifted his leg. When she used her left leg to knock out his balancing right leg right out from under him.

"She has tiny hands," Angel thought. He had cupped his whole hand over her fist when she had tried to punch him. So when she kicked him and he started falling, she went down with him. Angel quickly took this to him advantage, and rolled over her.

She was now on her back, with him on top of her. "Dammit," she thought, "he knows me too well." She gazed in his eyes. The phrase "it's time to meet your maker," kept running through her head. After all he had "made" her. He made her strong, he made her a strategist, and he made her love him.

"Now what do I do," Angel thought for two months he searched for her and now he found her. But he didn't know what to go with her. He'd been following her all night and now the silence was broken. "Come home to me" Angel whispered. A tear fell from her eye silently as that phrase took her back.


***Two Months Earlier***

"Fred have you seen..." Before Angel could finish his sentence she held a sterling silver cross necklace in front of him. "Polished, shined, cleaned and engraved," she smiled. Angel grabbed the chain and held the cross out in front of him. It met his approval. "Only the best for her," he thought.

She appeared at the top of the stairs. She'd just woken up. She had on a plain white shirt and fitting blue jeans. No one would ever guess that it was her twenty-first birthday. She hated her birthday. It reminded her that her father had left her that many years ago and that her mother died birthing her that spurred years in the foster care system. She was the youngest but felt the oldest. Her sister was twelve years older. But she just couldn't remember her name or the names of anyone in her family.

She looked lost in her thoughts. So Angel kept quiet but Fred had to say something and so did Gunn and Connor when they walked in the cake. "Happy Birthday!!" she smiled and walked down the stairs. Angel met her at the landing. "Happy Birthday my love," he said as he held up the cross.

It was stunning. She dropped her jaw in awe of the antique piece of jewelry. "It took some hunting to get it. It was my mother's. I got it engraved." She turned the cross over and it read, "Eternity is for lovers, AA" She was about to cry. "Put it on me," she said as she turned around and lifted up her hair. He placed it on her neck with trembling hands. "Since my change everyone I've ever loved I've given a cross to protect them. To show my love to them. You are the only one who has actually trusted me enough to bare your neck and let me put it on you," he said. She kissed him then she stopped when she heard Connor making a gagging noise. "What?" he asked innocently, "oh come on it's not like I'm going to want to see my dad kiss his girlfriend. It's gross."

They all sat down to eat some cake and ice cream and the phone rang. Gunn got up and answered it. After a quick run to the weapons cabinet Gunn and Angel raced out the door. Angel ran in, just as Fred was going to the kitchen. He ran in and kissed her long and hard. "I'm going to find out everything for you. Promise." He said and ran out. She yelled after him like she always did when he left on a job, "come home to me." Connor and she were the only ones left. She was scared. Fred had told her the whole story about what Connor had done to Angel. Locking him in a metal cage and letting him sink to the bottom of the ocean floor and leaving him to rot for three months. If he could do that to his father, what would he do to her?

"He'll find out who you are and then he'll find out that he doesn't love you. He'll search for Cordelia. He found her in Pylea and in that other dimension, he can find her again. Then it'll be the perfect family. Cordy, dad, and me. There's no place for you." Connor said and then walked away leaving her standing staring at the empty doorway. "There's never been a place for me," she whispered.

She walked up the stairs and grabbed her things. She always kept her things packed just in case she had to leave in a hurry. She was about to leave when Connor walked in without knocking. "Good," he said, "run out on him. That's what you're good at." "No Connor, that's what you're good at," she spat back at him. Connor smiled cruelly. He ran at her and they began to fight. They were both quick and evenly matched, you could tell they were both trained by Angel. They matched each other punch for punch and kick for kick. "Stop," said a voice. Then there was a bright light that appeared in between them. The light faded and there stood Cordelia.

"Connor go down stairs," Cordelia demanded. He obeyed. Cordelia went on to face her, " I love Angel and no one will take him from me. Especially not a mentally-ill hussy that doesn't even know her own name. How can you love someone if you don't even know who you are? Better yet how can you expect them to love you in return when they don't know you?" She grabbed her bag and ran out the door. Just then Cordelia morphed in to Drusilla. Dru in her evil lunatic voice said, "how easy to fool the young." Just then Connor walked in expecting to see Cordy. Dru turned into smoke and disappeared. Connor felt bad. It was then that he realized he'd been wrong about everything. Cordy just wasn't coming back this time and his dad had moved on. Connor ran as fast as he could but she was already gone. "Dad's gonna kill me," he said.

When Angel and Gunn returned they were filled in on the story. The search began shortly after but it ended no where. She was gone. The first night everyone helped in the search. But by the end of the week cases were coming in and they all had to get back to work. Even Angel. But he never gave up. He'd lost too many loves in his life. He wasn't going to loose this one too.


***One Month Later***

She'd searched for one month. She had to find out who she was and who and where her sister was. I'd taken her only three days to figure out that it was Drusilla but that was no matter. She had to find out who she was and where she came from before she could fully love Angel. Her search led her to a small, mostly Hispanic town in Texas. She decided to stay for a while even thought her search had come to a dead end. She was determined to find her name if only that.

She'd been working as a Private Investigator. Angel had taught her well. This gave her enough money to live off of and some to put away too. Her alias was Iliana Mendoza. What a sad existence she lived in that town. No friends, no family, no Angel. But when she felt those thought creep in she'd think, "I've just gotta find my name and then I can go home to him." About a week later she found her sister. She had a memory flash that led her to the local hospital room number three thirty two. In that room she found her sister Jane Doe. She'd been in a car accident. After she left the hospital that's when she ran into Angel.



"I can't. I have to do this. I have to find out who I am," she said as she pushed him off her. She got up and dusted herself off. "Let me help," Angel asked. "No, I'm fine. I've already found my sister. She's thirty-three. She's been in a coma for fourteen and a half months. The hospital keeps her alive on vents. The bill is paid by a bunch of church people that don't believe in assisted suicide and thinking that taking her off the vent would be murder. The docs think I was in the accident with her but I don't think so. To them she's just Jane Doe. I'm her sister so I guess I'm Julia Doe or something and to you I'm just a 'she.' And I hate it. I want a real name, Angel. My real name," she said on the verge of tears. "How about mine?" he said. He held out a diamond engagement ring and got down on one knee. With tears in her eyes she shook her head, "No. Before I can be your wife I have to find out who I am." With that she kicked him in the head. This knocked him out. "I'll see you soon my love. 'Til then I'll hold on to this ring," she was gone.

When Angel came to he had an hour or so before dawn to seek shelter. He found an abandoned warehouse and hid until the safety of night. Angel dug his cell phone out of his pocket and called home. "No it wasn't like that," Angel tried to explain. "So she didn't knock you out, leave you to die, and steal a priceless ring?" Gunn asked. "Well she did but you make it sound so bad. Look she's working as a PI under the alias Illiana Mendoza. Have Fred look into it," he said then hung up. He had been so close to her. And she got away. She did love him so what the hell was she thinking.

"What the hell was I thinking?" she told her sister during her daily visit. "He loves me. I love him. Why'd I' have to kick him? I know because I'm inches away from finding out who we are and he'll just get in the way." She looked at her sister. For fourteen and a half months she had been alone, just lying there. At least she had Angel and Fred and Gunn and even Connor. "Excuse me," the nurse interrupted, "Visiting hours were over forty five minutes ago." "Oh I'm sorry," she said. She leaned over and kissed her sister on the forehead and exited the room. The nurse called after her, "You're here everyday. I don't think I've ever caught your name." "Funny I've never caught my name either," she said and walked out of the hospital without another word.

Angel was following her again, as least she thought so. She knew that going to the hospital was going to be risky. After all that's where he had found her yesterday. She didn't care she had to see her sister. "I know you'rr there, Angel. Show yourself," she said. A man jumped out at her. It wasn't Angel. It was another vampire, in full vamp mode. She went straight into her fighting stance. "Where's my money bitch," he said in an angry whisper. "Tell me my name and I'll give you the money. How much do I owe you?" she asked. The vampire looked confused. "Right," he said think she was joking, " like you don't know how much you owe Adrian." He ran at her and they began to fight. He wasn't a good opponent. She was stronger and faster. But she got the feeling they'd fought before. She was beating him up, and then he kicked her in the stomach. She caught his foot in her hands.

The floodgates of memory were opened. Fourteen and a half months ago she was fighting this vamp, in this alley. He kicked her in the stomach and she fell against the wall hitting her head and losing her memory. They had been fighting because her sister Aurora had borrowed money to pay for the hospital bills for her daughter. Aurora didn't have the money so they arranged her accident and came after Adrian to collect the money.

With a quick twist of his leg, Adrian spun the vamp and he landed on the floor flat on his back. She stood above him prepared to punch him. "How much do I owe and what's my name you little bitch?" she said as she punched him. Then she picked him up and pushed him against the wall. "Your name is Adrian." She banged him against the wall again. "Miss Adriana Lluvia Hernandez and you owe a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in the name of your sister Miss Aurora Maria Hernandez." Just then Angel swooped down form a nearby building. He pushed Adrian out of the way and staked the vamp.

"Dammit he didn't tell me who I owed the money to," she yelled at Angel. "A thank you for saving your life would be nice. Look you can't just believe everything these people say," Angel told her. He began to walk away from her. "Then why do I remember," she said in a weak, saddened voice. Angel turned to face Adrian slowly. "You remember?" he asked. Adrian answered, "yes. Something he did made me remember." Angel took a step towards her. "But now I remember and I can't even pay off Aurora's debt so that this whole mess can be over and we can go on living." "Aurora?" Angel asked. "God," Adrian yelled, " you think you'd be a better detective. She's my sister her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. She was put in the hospital for about eight months then she died. The bills came in and Aurora was desperate. She went to a loan shark. He and his goons were vamps. She didn't know. 'Ror couldn't pay her debt so they caused her accident. Then they came after me. I got in a fight, he kicked me, I banged my head against the wall and lost my memory. I ended up in LA, God only knows how but I did. You know the rest from there." Angel was stunned. Maybe he'd tried to force a new life on her. It was apparent that she already had one.

Just then the nurse from earlier ran out from the hospital into the alley. "Miss! Miss! Oh thank God I found you," she yelled, "she's crashing." Adrian took off running so fast she almost didn't realize Angel right behind her. They got there right as the doctor was calling it. "Time of death twenty one forty five," he said and turned and saw Adrian. "Ma'am," he began, "we tried for 32 minutes to revive her and we had every nurse in the hospital looking for you. I'm sorry. We did ..." "Your best. I know," she said and walked towards the bed where her dead sister lay. "Aurora I'm sorry I left you alone for so long. I love you. I told you that I'd find out who we were," she said and began to cry. Adrian felt her knees buckle under her but she never hit the floor. With amazing speed Angel caught her. Adrian cried in Angel's arms. "Take me home," she said quietly, "and put this ring on my finger." She pulled out a chain and on it was the engagement ring. The chain was the cross he gave her for her birthday. Angel took the ring from her and placed it on her shaking fingers. "Adrian Lluvia Hernandez, will you be my wife?" "Yes."

Angel dropped off Adrian at her apartment. She fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. That's when Angel went into action. He was a better PI than she gave him credit for. Had she not run away he would have given her the rest of her birthday gift. Her name. That's why the cross had AA: Angel Adriana. And had she not knocked him out. He would have told her that he knew everything, even who she owed the money to. But he figured that it was something she had to do on her own. Now that she was his fiance he decided to take matters into his own hands and fix this debt. When he was done fixing it, all that was left was a pile of dust where the loan shark once stood.


***Two Weeks Later***

After all of Aurora's affairs were taken care of Adriana Lluvia Hernandez decided it was time to come home to Angel. He'd gone ahead to LA because of some cases. She stayed behind closed up her PI office and finished off her months rent and then left. Angel hadn't told anyone about the engagement. He wanted to wait until Adrian got back. When she did get home Angel made a huge party for her. (Actually it was only Gunn, Fred, Lorne better known as The Host, and Connor.) It was there that Angel and Adrian announced that engagement. Fred screamed with joy. Gunn gave Adrian a hug while Fred hugged Angel and nearly knocked him over. They switched off and Fred hugged Adrian while Gunn hugged Angel, "Good goin' bro. She's a good woman." Lorne pulled out a pitch pipe from his jacket pocket and asked the couple to sing together. "Well, out of tune," he said pretending to clean out his ears, "but a good match. True love for sure." The couple smiled. Now it was time to face the music. They both turned around very slowly to face Connor. Connor was staring at his feet. "I'm sorry Adrian," Connor said, "I'd be proud to have you marry my father. Just as long as I don't have to call you mom and you two don't kiss in front of me." Angel grabbed his son in a mock chokehold and rubbed his head with his fist. When he was released, Adrian held out her hand to shake Connor's. Connor decided to take a chance. Connor gave Adrian a hug. "Hey well this deserves a real party. No offense Angel cakes but this one sucks. Let's go out my treat," said The Host. There was hustle and bustle and they all left. The hotel was dark and quiet. Then there was a white light that appeared. It was Cordelia. The real Cordelia, "Hey you guys! where is everyone?"

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