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By Monica V. Martinez

Summary: Angel must protect a nine year old little girl from demons after her parents' death.
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Angel sat at the desk. He twirled a pen between his fingers. He couldn't seem to get her out of his head.

She was a beautiful girl. He could stare at her for hours. Her laugh had the power to hypnotize him. Her smile to captivate him. He had to admit she was a handful child.

She was a nine-year-old Hispanic girl with big brown eyes that made him melt. She had long black hair that was braided by Fred because Angel was not the best hairdresser in the world. This was the first night that she'd spent at the hotel. She only had one dress and Cordy was out shopping for more.

But Angel still couldn't stop thinking about little Victoria. She reminded him of his own sister, the one he killed.

Victoria was so innocent and beautiful. She was also being chased by demons. Angel had promised her dying parents that he'd care for her. But he hadn't the tiniest clue as to how to care for a nine-year-old girl. But he'd try.

"Well you wouldn't believe the lines at the mall. But I got her 4 pairs of jeans, 5 shirts, 2 skirts, 3 blouses, and 4 dresses. Oh, I also got her some shoes. Tennis, dress and sandals," Cordelia Chase announced as she walked in the hotel. She held up the shoes and showed them to Angel.

Angel had a confused look on his face. How could a 9-year-old need so much stuff? Cordy just went on, "Oh and I got her these cute little tee shirts, some panties with the days of the week on them, and then I also got a pack of socks that has all different colors so that her socks match her outfit."

"Cordy," Angel interrupted, "You're getting a little carried away aren't you?" Cordy stepped in, "Angel, this little girl just lost her mom and dad. Her home was burned down with all her things in it. Plus she needs all this stuff. Oh and don't forget the demons chasing her."

Angel remained skeptical. But he just nodded and let Cordelia have her fun. But no matter what they bought Victoria it wouldn't replace safety. So while Cordy focused on shopping for her and Fred on Victoria's hair, it was up to him to bring her parents' murderers to justice. His kind of justice.


Across town a group of three demons were plotting. "The girl must die. Tonight."

"But, Boss, the vampire is protecting her," said the demon to the left of The Boss.

"Well then we'll just have to kill him, too, won't we?" The Boss said with an evil laugh.


Angel was watching Victoria sleep. He'd never really had time to spend with her. He was a creature of the night and she was of the day. He was about to get up and let the child sleep when she stirred. "Tio Angel," Victoria asked. He loved it when she called him Tio. Translated to English Tio meant Uncle. He loved when she spoke to him in Spanish.

"Hey Victoria. How'd you sleep?" Angel asked brushing her hair back out of her face.

"Good, Tio," she said, a little groggy.

"Well it's almost midnight, why don't you go back to sleep?" Angel told her.

"Will you stay with me 'til I sleep?" she asked in a sweet innocent voice that Angel couldn't resist.

"Okay." Angel moved from edge of the bed to a position with his back on the headboard of the bed and his legs stretched out on top of the bed. He continued to stroke her hair and then she got up and moved into Angel's arms. She felt safe and she slept.


Once Angel was sure that Victoria was asleep he moved and set her down. Angel walked down the stairs and found Gunn walking in. He was actually running in quite hurriedly. "They're coming for her."

After the group was assembled Gunn filled them all in. "The word on the streets is the demons know that she's here and they are coming tonight. They don't only want to kill Victoria. But they're coming after Angel." Everyone turned to look Angel. His face was emotionless. "Well then. Here's the plan. We protect the girl no matter what. And if they get me," Angel said and paused for a beat, "she's your priority."

Angel moved to the weapons cabinet and began to pull out certain things. Cordelia walked up to him and touched his shoulder. "Angel," she said and then went on, "she'll be ok. We'll protect her." Angel spun around. "Here's the real plan. You go upstairs and wake up Victoria. You and her get the hell out of this hotel and I stay and fight. You and her leave and don't come back 'til I call and say it's safe. And if I don't call with in 24 hours then get as far away from these demons as possible."

"But Angel," Cordy said, about to protest. "Look, Cordy, just tell everyone that you're going upstairs to get the spare weapons chest. Even Gunn and Fred can't know. Get the girl and leave. Don't tell anyone where you're going: not even Victoria," Angel said to Cordy and then loud enough for the rest to hear, "Cordy go get the spare weapons chest for me?"

"Yeah, I'll go get it," Cordy said and she looked at Angel one last time.

She started walking up the stairs but Angel grabbed her and spun her around. "This isn't just for Victoria it's also for you. You're the only person I trust with her. She loves you just about as much as she loves me. And I love you. Both of you. So take care of each other."


Cordy tip-toed up stairs. She woke up Victoria. "Honey we have to go now. Just us girls. Ok?" Victoria just nodded and fell asleep on Cordy's shoulder as she carried the little girl.

Cordy opened the door and there stood the demon known as The Boss. "Scream and I'll kill the girl," The boss said. Just then Victoria woke up. Seeing the demon that killed her parents, she screamed. Cordy looked nervous, "Well you said that I couldn't scream. You didn't say she couldn't"

Cordelia put the girl down and pushed Victoria behind her. Even if the boss killed her, Angel would have heard the scream and would run up and save Victoria. She hoped.


Gunn and Angel were alert. For every little noise and for every little motion. "Where is Cordy with those extra weapons," Fred asked. "I'd feel better with more weapons." Angel's vampiric hearing picked up some noise from upstairs. It was not the sound of a person leaving the premises. It was more like someone was here that wasn't supposed to be. He took a sniff of the air. Demon. Angel took off running up the stairs. He knew what was happening before Gunn and Fred. Just then through the silence Victoria's scream came.


When Angel arrived on the scene The Boss was the only one there. He turned to face Angel, "The vampire with a soul. Well what an honor to meet your acquaintance." Angel glared at the demon with hell in his eyes.

"Where are they?"

"Oh you mean them," answered The Boss. At that, two demons of the same breed came out of the shadows. One was holding Cordelia who was tied and gagged but alert. The other was holding a knocked out Victoria.

Gunn and Fred finally came upon the scene. They had various weapons and were ready to fight.

"Here's the deal," said the boss, "I'm going to ask you two questions. You answer the first one and you get the lady unharmed. You get it wrong we stab them both. You get the second one right you get the girl and we leave you and her alone forever. You get the second one wrong and you, the lady, and the girl die. Deal?"

Angel thought about his decision. "Okay." The boss smiled. Gunn and Fred looked at each other in panic.

"What kind of demons are we? I mean you should know this. If not you are unprepared to face me," the boss asked. Angel almost laughed; he'd never fight unprepared. Angel's face was stone.

"You are Perkonoic demons." The demon holding Cordelia threw her towards Angel.

Angel caught her and helped her get out of her ropes and gag.

"Now for the grand prize," The boss said, "what magical power does this child have that we want?"

Angel was stumped. Victoria's parents had never said she had powers. He didn't know what to say. They were surely all dead. "I ... I don't know," Angel said and looked down defeated.


Just then the child stirred in the demons arms. "I am good and you are evil. I am light and you are dark. I am justice and peace and you are dead to me," Victoria said and became surrounded in a white light. She floated up in the air and was getting brighter and brighter. The Perkonoic demons began to steam and then melted like the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard Of Oz.

When the demons were a pile of nothing the light went out abruptly and Victoria began to fall down to the ground again. Angel caught her. Just as he was always the first one to catch Cordelia during a vision, he had caught Victoria. The little girl woke up from the trance.

"Tio, que paso?" she asked. Angel had picked up some Spanish in his many years on earth. She'd asked what happened.

"Justice," Angel said simply.

The End

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